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5 Incredibly Simple Steps for a More Creative Workplace

Which one would you pick: A job that inspires you to dream up some new idea every single day then work and build on them? Or one that needs you to do the same mindless, repetitive task day in and day out? That’s a no brainer. The first one, of course. The fact is, in today’s …

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teens shopping

How to Attract Teens to Your Retail Store

If you are targeting a teenage audience as customers for your retail store and are worried that they’re solely shopping online, you can rest easy. While teens are indeed becoming more likely to buy online than they were in the past, they still prefer to buy from companies that have …


coin card

Coin is Coming

One card to hold them all. That’s what Coin promises. It's a digital payment system developers insist can just about replace your credit and other payment cards. Now, after a long wait, Coin is finally on its way to customers. If you have never heard of it, Coin is a device that can …


0420 kickstarter

How Crowdfunding Changes the Geography of Startup Investing

Several observers have claimed that crowdfunding -- the use of an Internet-based platform to raise small amounts of money from many people for a project or business -- will “democratize” startup investing, giving any entrepreneur anywhere in the world equal access to potential …



This Entrepreneur Learned About Business at the Blackjack Tables

Before launching a business, entrepreneurs often hone their skills and gather life experience that can help make their businesses successful. Those experiences can come from school, working for others, or some more unconventional sources. For Jeff Ma, many of the lessons he learned that helped …

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