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LinkedIn Promises to Stop Pummeling You With Email

Feeling a bit bombarded by the volume of emails being sent by LinkedIn? You're not the only one. The public has spoken -- often -- and the social media network has responded.

fork in the road

Should You Hire a Career Changer?

If you're looking to expand the size of your small business team, you will inevitably run across someone making a total career change. Here are some reasons why a career changer may be the right fit for your growing company.

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5 Voluntary Benefits Your Staff May Appreciate

Keeping happy employees goes beyond a competitive salary and health insurance. Adding in some other fringe benefits -- at little cost to the company -- can address your team's real-life wants and needs, too.


Xero Touch App for Android Gets a Redesign

If you happen to be an Android lover and also a Xero user, rejoice. The Xero Touch App for Xero has had a redesign. Read this article for a closer look at what's changed.

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5 Project Management Lessons From Great Business Leaders

Some of the most successful tech business leaders of this era are and were masters of completing projects. If you're leading a project for your small business, you'd be wise to learn lessons passed on from these entrepreneurs.

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What To Do When Vacations Are Over

Everyone talks about not coming back from a vacation but in reality, even the greatest break comes to an end. Here's how to prepare for the end of your next business vacation to transition back to work mode.


#EntrepreneursUNite for the Next Billion Jobs

U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 8 is an effort aimed at fostering the proper environment for entrepreneurs to succeed worldwide. Here's how you can help the endeavor.