May 27, 2015


tyler new media2

Meet the Tylers: A Family Business Gives Voice to its Community

Ronnie and Lamar Tyler each left successful corporate jobs and eventually turned their passion into their own lucrative business venture. Small Business Trends caught up with the husband-and-wife team at the recent ICON 15 Conference.

happy customer

Boost Loyalty with Perks for Repeat Customer

Loyalty card programs are a great way to encourage people to come back to your business again and again. Here's data showing the instances where loyalty programs really do work.

smoking roaster

Smoking Roaster Gives New Flavor to Food Truck Craze

Food trucks are an exploding new trend in the restaurant industry, so much so that just having a kitchen on wheels is no longer novel enough. So how do you make your food truck stand out against all that competition?

public speaking

How to Become a Master Presenter and Rock Your Next Speech

Public speaking has been a delicate subject since grammar school. And in business, it's even more important. Small Business Trends spoke with one expert who's prepared CEOs and Oscar winners for their big speeches. See what tips she shares for public speaking and video presentations for small business owners.