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Business Etiquette Still Matters in a Casual New Business World

In recent years, business has become very casual. Gone are the work days of suits, stationary, big titles, corner offices, secretaries, and power lunches. Small business is now done through email, video chats, texting, meet ups, social media and casual attire. However, business etiquette …

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improving your pr pitch

13 Tips for Improving Your PR Pitch to Editors and Journalists

Advertising on social media has proven to be a lot more cost-efficient than placing ads through traditional media. It could be more effective, too. But that doesn't mean you should abandon the power of the traditional media. Instead, you can take advantage of your local media and other …



Selling an Android Phone? Your Data May be Recoverable

If you're thinking of selling your business smartphones because you've upgraded or switched to new ones, you'll instinctively think to wipe the data first. Most phones have a simple means of restoring the devices to factory settings. But a new study (click image above to see the full …


depreciation law

Resistance to Depreciation Law Expected from U.S. Senate and White House

Supporters of small business are happy for now. A bill making so-called "bonus depreciations" permanent that recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives has drawn some cheers. New Bill Called Crucial For example, the International Franchise Association, which supports franchises …



Charitable Startup Finds New Use for Old Cardboard Boxes

How many empty cardboard boxes do you have in your home? If you shop online, the answer is probably quite a few. But what if you had a way to take all of those boxes and do some good with them? That’s what Monika Wiela thought about when she decided to launch her charitable startup, Give …

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