employee survey feedback questions

10 Questions to Ask in an Employee Feedback Survey

Employee feedback surveys can be great tools for keeping your team happy and engaged in your business. But not all employee feedback surveys are created equal. There are always certain topics you should try to cover to ensure that your employees are satisfied with their work and have a way …

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business software reviews

Why Business Software Reviews Matter Now More Than Ever

A positive review of your software in a major publication or on a website can be an invaluable marketing tool. Instant recognition and endorsement from a trusted source are just two of the immediate benefits. If the review is good enough to bring in new users, it can become a self-sustaining …


upcoming wifi standards

Can Small Businesses Make Use of the Upcoming WiFi Standards?

Small businesses are often more receptive than large ones because the playground for them is very competitive and the only way to survive the intense competition is to keep improving, for which they need new ideas. One such idea was “bring your own device (BYOD)”. Employees were supposed …


small business workbench 2

Small Business Workbench Now at Quickbooks App Store

It's always good to know how much cash you have on hand. It'd be even better to know how much cash you can expect to have at the end of the week or even at the end of the month or beyond. The Small Business Workbench financial projection bundle and its collection of apps, released last …


Jasen Lew

Jasen Lew of Medallia: The Year Customer Experience Management Comes to SMBs

Medallia, a cloud-based customer experience management platform provider, authored a blog post citing eight major trends businesses should be on the lookout for in 2015. Alongside trends like the digitization of wallets and the Internet of Things connecting us with more sources of feedback, …

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