heartbleed affected sites

The Effect of Heartbleed on Commonly Used Small Business Websites

As you might know by now, Heartbleed is a security flaw that enables unauthorized users to access your encrypted information. When you visit a website through a “secure connection,” in theory the information is encrypted and can’t be accessed. According to CNN: “Cybercriminals …

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smile networking

Your Smile is Worth a Thousand Words

We meet so many people in our business activities at events, conferences, meetings, workshops and even randomly. I have found that if I invite and attract someone to me by my energy, attitude and self confidence all wrapped up in a big, warm smile and a firm handshake, it’s worth a …



Microsoft’s First Digital Assistant, Cortana, Is Here

Sometime ago buzz began about a new digital assistant that would be available with the unveiling of Windows Phone 8.1. Now, Microsoft's first assistant, Cortana, is here. Microsoft has made the new Windows Phone 8.1 available to developers which means your carrier will have the phone …



U.S. Sen. Shaheen Wants More Loans for Veteran Entrepreneurs

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) wants more loans for veteran entrepreneurs. Shaheen recently introduced the Veteran Entrepreneurship Act. The act aims to lower the cost of Small Business Administration loan programs for military veterans trying to start their own businesses. At the same …


problem in healthcare

Solving the Information Exchange Problem in Healthcare Industry

Founders of H2S, who were from the healthcare industry, were aware of an acute pain point in the healthcare industry – information exchange between physicians and home health agencies. More than 50% of home health Medicare claims are denied and most claims are denied due to missing …

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