May 23, 2015



Content Marketing Secret: Tell Customers What to Expect

What kind of content marketing will serve your business the best? The answer is simpler than you think. Concentrate on mastering this basic principle to improve your marketing strategy long term.

mobile app user

Is it Time for Your Business to Go Mobile?

You've got a website. Now, everyone's getting to the Web on their smartphones or tablets. Does that mean it's time for your business to invest in a mobile app?


Imbue Tea Infuser Brews Using Magnets

This magnetic loose-leaf tea brewer from Imbue takes the mess out of putting the kettle on. The startup's Kickstarter campaign is in full swing and you can be at the ground level for less than $30!

immediately app

ReTargeter Creator Aims to Replace CRM with New Immediately App

Arjun Arora, the man who sold ReTargeter earlier this year, is back working on a new app called Immediately. In an exclusive interview with Small Business Trends, he describes how Immediately integrates Salesforce and Gmail for salespeople.