November 1, 2014



employee gift ideas

Wow Your Staff With These 18 Clever Employee Gift Ideas

Your employees are a big part of your business's success story.  So understandably you want to reward them and make them feel appreciated. That may include a special gift at that special time of year. So here is a list of 18 clever employee gift ideas for 2014. It's a list compiled to fit a …

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Busted: Caught Buying Links, Apology is Weak

As is true of so many things in life, the big boys have it a whole lot easier than the rest of us. Fishing for backlinks in exchange for money can be risky (not to mention deeply unethical), but that didn’t stop, an Expedia property, from sending out spammy emails asking travel …



Osmo Uses iPad to Teach Children About Letters And Shapes

Since its launch, the iPad has completely changed the way kids learn. But not every learning experience has to be completely digital. That’s why tech startup Osmo created its innovative platform that combines digital technology with objects in the physical world. The objective is to help …


Source: Created from data from the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds report.

Gross Fixed Capital Formation Weak at Non-Corporate Businesses

Capital investment activity at non-corporate businesses has been declining for the past decade, data from the Federal Reserve’s Flow of Funds report shows. Between 2000 and 2011, the latest year data are available, the average non-corporate non-financial business reduced its gross fixed …


Getting Your Business Energy Efficient

Getting Your Business Energy Efficient Before the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, meaning less time to focus on the finer details of running your business and more time focusing on holiday shoppers. As a small business owner, you know the holidays are a crucial time to your bottom line. However, as many found out during the Polar …

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