7 Rules to Follow When Working With Freelancers

Freelancers are awesome professionals who can help your business grow, before you need to hire employees. I’ve used freelancers for years and they’ve helped my business, quite a bit. Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack has some thoughts on how to do this and he’s shared his top tips for …

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yahoo ads

Yahoo Opens Its Ad Network to Other Publishers

Yahoo is set to expand its Stream Ads service to allow other Web publishers beyond a close knit group of publishing partners to include its sponsored posts on their sites as well. The Yahoo ads will appear as "recommended content" on participating websites. The recommended content will pull …


new large ipad

Holy Moley! Largest iPad Ever Coming From Apple

The largest iPad ever is coming soon. A new report indicates that Apple is close to giving the go-ahead to start production on an iPad device with a 12.9-inch screen (diagonally). Unnamed sources say suppliers have been told that production on this device would begin at the beginning of …


coolest cooler

Coolest Cooler is Now Top Earning Kickstarter Campaign

There’s a new top earner among Kickstarter campaigns. The Coolest Cooler is a high-tech appliance that its creator describes as more of a portable party than a regular cooler. The campaign still has a couple of days left, but it’s already raised more than $10.7 million. That’s enough …


Elie Chalita

Elie Chalita of Loqate: Bad Addresses Can Kill Your Customer Experience Efforts

Improving the customer experience is priority number one for many business today. From upgrading their websites to creating mobile apps, everyone is looking to provide customers more reason to buy more things from them. But all of these efforts to add the latest and greatest in social/mobile …

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tech entrepreneur's survival guide

Tech Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide


In today’s business world, tech startups and incubators seems to be “The Hot Black.” I just came home from celebrating a Chicago incubator’s …

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