October 21, 2014



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Just Cookin Leaves Prices Up to Customers — and God

There are some restaurants and bars that choose to omit the prices from their menus to avoid intimidating their customers. In a bold move, one restaurant, Just Cookin in Dallas, NC, has removed prices from their menu for a completely different reason: To give their customers the ability to pay …

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Obama Announces EMV Program to Move Faster to Chip Based Credit Cards

President Obama today signed an Executive Order launching the new BuySecure initiative, to help businesses and consumers keep financial data secure. The initiative is designed to reduce identity theft. And there’s important news of interest to small business merchants. The initiative is …


do business with style

Do Business in Style (Courtesy of #eBayForTheWin)

CNET calls the new iPhone 6 "a really, really good phone."  It adds, "the 6 is a product that feels like a collection of overdue Android features, given an excellent polish by Apple hardware and software design." Have you thought about getting a new iPhone 6? You still have two …


broken age game

What If Your Crowdfunding Campaign Doesn’t Raise Enough Money?

Considering using crowdfunding for your next project or startup? You'd better make sure you choose your goal and budget carefully. Crowdfunded startups may be successful in meeting their stated fund-raising goal, but STILL not have enough money. This happened to gaming company Double Fine …


101514 funding

Stop Fundraising and Start Building Your Business

Today’s businesses have so many different funding options. There are angel investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding options, and the list goes on. But all of those funding opportunities can’t help you if you haven't built a self-sustaining business. According to entrepreneur and …

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