3D Printing, Copywriting Are Among the Top Outsourced Jobs

If you're a freelancer and looking to find out which skills are currently hot, it helps to look at freelance marketplace And the latest data on outsourced jobs from there reveals a huge rise in trending tech, with particular demand for 3D printing, and copywriting. The Freelance …

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new google adwords

What Do the New AdWords Changes Mean for Small Businesses?

Paid search can be a minefield for small businesses, and any time Google announces a big change to the AdWords platform, people tend to freak out – including experienced search marketers who really should know better. Heaven forbid Google disrupts the status quo by introducing new product …



DSTRUX Lets You Get Back That Document You Shared In Error

It's happened to the best of us. You hit the "send" key on a document, image, or video, and then have that sinking feeling you shouldn't have. Don't worry. A new service called DSTRUX claims to give you complete control over who sees your files. That's even to the point of making those files …


biz2credit march 2014

Small Business Loan Approval Drops to 18.8 Percent at Big Banks

Small businesses have a better bet seeking loans with small banks than with big ones. Small business loan approval drops to 18.8 percent at big banks in March. (Those are banks with assets of $10 billion or more.) The new figure represents a drop from 19.1 percent in February. The drop in …


Lana Khavinson

Lana Khavinson of LinkedIn Shares How Small Businesses are Using the Platform

Lana Khavinson, Small Business Segment Marketing Lead for LinkedIn, discusses a recent report regarding how small businesses are using social media and, more specifically, how LinkedIn is focused on helping them. * * * Small Business Trends: Before we start talking about a recent study you did …

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