March 27, 2015



033015 broken pieces

Time to Clean Up Broken Business Processes for Efficiency

Now that you’re in the mode of spring cleaning, let’s take that same desire to sort and organize and apply it to your way of running your business. I’m willing to bet that you’ve “grandfathered in” certain processes in your operations and simply haven’t bothered to consider that …

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Try These 7 AdWords Features On Your Next Campaign

Google is constantly testing and releasing new features in AdWords. Last year alone, we gained access to hundreds of new features, many that weren't even announced! Of course, some of these changes have greater potential for impact than others, but how do you prioritize which bandwagon to jump …


Small businesses - wearing too many hats

See What Biz Owners Say is The Bad Business Habit They’d Like to Break

Of all the bad business habits out there, which one would you most like to break? Micromanaging? Overspending? Procrastination? Would it surprise you to learn that "wearing too many hats" is the bad business habit that 35 percent of business owners say they'd want to kick? Yes, that's …


032315 shocked

Uh Oh! Crowdfunding Can Lead to Surprises at Tax Time

Crowdfunding isn’t always as simple as posting some information and collecting bundles of money. There are plenty of factors that can complicate the crowdfunding process. And many entrepreneurs have had to learn those lessons the hard way. One such factor is the way in which …


Davek Alert Umbrella

Never Lose Your Umbrella Again with Davek Alert

Dave Kahng is a mechanical engineer who noticed a problem with umbrellas: they are far too disposable. He felt that if a person didn’t lose their umbrella first then it would quickly break and become useless in just a few outings. So he set out to create a better umbrella. The result is …

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Benchmark Your Business Discover how your small business compares to your industry & …

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