October 1, 2014



How to Balance Leadership and Management

How to Balance Leadership and Management

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” ~ Publilius Syrus This may be true, but small business owners are expected to “hold the helm” through both calm and rough seas. So when should you lead and when should you manage? As people, we need leaders. Whether it’s the …

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apple video

Using Awesome Video to Debut and Display Your Products

If you didn't happen to catch the video stream of the recent Apple event it was kicked-off by an amazing video that set the tone for the event and reminded people, in spectacular fashion, what Apple stands for. Stunning video was used again to debut the iPhone 6 and the long-awaited Apple …


grow your etsy business

50 Apps to Manage and Grow Your Etsy Business

The key to making the most of Etsy lies in apps, add-ons and integrations that offer features and functionality above and beyond the basic Etsy setup. From inventory management to social media marketing and sales tax calculation, you'll find tools here to help you both manage and grow your Etsy …


Financially healthy businesses

4 Things That Financially Healthy Businesses Have in Common

If you've ever wondered if there are certain qualities that make for a successful small business, you're not alone. While there's no magical formula for being financially healthy, the "Small Business Financial Health Analysis" (PDF), put together by The Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and …


the living

You Could Soon Buy Furniture That Was Built by Bacteria

When you buy a piece of furniture, you can be reasonably sure that it was designed and built by people. But in the future, that might not be the case. In fact, you might be able to purchase furniture and similar structures that are literally grown from bacteria. Yes, bacteria – the …

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