December 21, 2014



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Be Patient With The Progression of Your Business Career

Careers used to move themselves. Now, we are responsible for moving our careers in the direction we want them to go. But there are some fundamental tools that can help with the pace of your business career. People want things to happen quickly -- immediate gratification -- and it just …

Marketing and Social

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How To Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts For The Holidays

For many businesses, the rush that comes at the end of the year simply takes them into survival mode, and as a result, their marketing efforts can fall by the wayside. However, it is possible to have a coherent and easily actionable marketing plan to carry you through the rest of the year and …


121414 dropbox badge

Dropbox Badge Lets You Collaborate on Windows and Mac

Dropbox has added a feature enabling users the ability to collaborate on projects created in Microsoft Office applications. The Dropbox Badge has been added to the Dropbox for Business suite. The badge appears inside any Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint project that's shared among …


121414 dwolla

Use Dwolla in AccountingSuite and for 30 Second Payments

Digital payment option Dwolla recently made two big announcements that may increase the number of people who use the payments system and the speed at which its transactions are completed. First, Dwolla has been integrated into AccountingSuite. AccountingSuite is an all-in-one app for …


pros and cons of bootstrapping

The Pros and Cons of Bootstrapping Your Business

Starting a company takes money -- something you might not have much of when you're just starting up. But there are both pros and cons to seeking outside capital before you've demonstrated traction or the potential for real success. So we asked nine entrepreneurs the following: “What are …

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