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Want a New Way to Make Friends? Tinder Has You Covered (Watch)

Does you product or service have an end game? Like dating sites similar to Tinder, the actual goal -- in some way -- is to lose customers after you've gained them. So how does your business extend the life of its product like Tinder has done with its new Tinder Social feature?


In the News: Twitter, Snapchat Unveil New Features

Twitter's giving everyone a chance to get a Verified Account on the social media site, an icon once reserved for the who's who of the site. Now you may be one of the whos, too. Check out this and other developments in this week's small business news and information roundup.

How Long Do You Take for Your Lunch Break? [Poll] - We'll Figure Out The Average Lunch Break Time so You Can Compare

How Long Do You Take for Your Lunch Break? [Poll]

Do you take a lunch break every day? Or are you afraid to lose valuable time? Taking breaks is important and can actually boost productivity. So why does lunch sometimes feel like a luxury?

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