April 28, 2015



time clock

Creative Ways for Getting Employees to Complete Timesheets

One of the biggest challenges an organization can face is getting employees to complete timesheets and track their time. In an age of “Big Brother” wariness and an increased focus on privacy, some employees may balk and fuss at the idea of accounting for their time, while others may …

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How to Keep Benefiting from Trade Shows After the Show Ends

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to find new customers, to meet new business partners and build new relationships. So much work goes into planning and preparing for a trade show. You need to make sure your booth is interesting, informative, fun, and staffed with team members with the …


google project fi

Google’s Own Wireless Service is Officially Launching with Project Fi

The rumors are true. Google is launching its own wireless service called Project Fi. The new service was announced recently, and the company says its goal is to create a fast and easy wireless experience. Not everyone will be able to jump onto the new service right away, …


0420 kickstarter

How Crowdfunding Changes the Geography of Startup Investing

Several observers have claimed that crowdfunding -- the use of an Internet-based platform to raise small amounts of money from many people for a project or business -- will “democratize” startup investing, giving any entrepreneur anywhere in the world equal access to potential …



Tech Startup Viddler is a Hometown Success Story

When Donna DeMarco and Robert Sandie launched their interactive online video startup, they didn’t move it to a major tech hub like Silicon Valley. Instead, they kept their company, Viddler, headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And DeMarco thinks that decision has ultimately been …

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