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Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Digital marketing, schmigital marketing. A lot of small businesses are still seeing a great return by using old-fashioned snail mail.

legal hero

Looking for General Counsel? This Site May Do the Trick

LegalHero aims to empower small businesses with the legal firepower bigger companies enjoy. The startup offers legal services to small businesses on demand by helping businesses match an attorney with their needs.

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10 Ways to Use Hashtags for Your Business

You've probably seen #hashtags on the Web and even referenced all over the place in public. Still wondering what they do? Your small business can take advantage of hashtags. This guide will allay worries #youredoingitwrong.


android lollipop

Stagefright Update: Your Android Phone May Still be Vulnerable

The security bug Stagefright is back and now targeting Android smartphones running the latest versions of the operating system. And rather than attacking via text, this latest version attacks by using a malicious media file.

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LG Launches Smartphone with Multimedia Capabilities

LG's new V series of smartphones features the V10 and its (count them) 1, 2, 3 cameras. That's one front-facing and two rear-facing. The phones are also stocked with hardware to allow you to get work done.