3D Printing, Copywriting Are Among the Top Outsourced Jobs

If you're a freelancer and looking to find out which skills are currently hot, it helps to look at freelance marketplace And the latest data on outsourced jobs from there reveals a huge rise in trending tech, with particular demand for 3D printing, and copywriting. The Freelance …

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grumpy cat drink

Meme Marketing Hits Mainstream: Grumpy Cat Wins at MTV Movie Awards

Internet meme marketing celebrity Grumpy Cat hit the red carpet recently at the MTV Movie Awards. And she even left with her very own award, which we imagine didn’t exactly bring a smile to the feline’s face. So what award did she win, anyway? Best cat? No. Best Meme? No. Grumpiest face? …



Dispop: One-Stop For Creating and Placing Banner Ads

If you advertise your business online, you have probably considered the idea of creating a banner ad to be placed on similar sites to your own. But how do you go about making that ad? How do you make sure that visitors aren't bombarded with your banner 24/7? And what about tracking the ones …


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Yes, Top Performing Businesses Pay More in Taxes

Do businesses pay their fair share of taxes? Should they pay more in taxes and are they paying considerably less than everyone else? Many consumers seem to believe they're held more accountable for their income taxes than businesses, especially around tax time. But a recent report from …


Lana Khavinson

Lana Khavinson of LinkedIn Shares How Small Businesses are Using the Platform

Lana Khavinson, Small Business Segment Marketing Lead for LinkedIn, discusses a recent report regarding how small businesses are using social media and, more specifically, how LinkedIn is focused on helping them. * * * Small Business Trends: Before we start talking about a recent study you did …

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