July 7, 2015


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Need Keywords Help? Try These 4 Tools

Keywords are so important to marketing your online business. So obviously, any advantage you can give your business over the competition in terms of picking the best keywords is welcome. Here are a few tools to consider.


Citrix Hops on Grasshopper Deal

Small Business Trends just learned at the Citrix Synergy Conference in Florida that the Citrix Grasshopper deal is now closing.


Farmers Can Use These Smart Sensors to Save Water in a Drought

For farmers in a drought, there's a constant balancing act between conserving water and using enough to keep your crops alive. Though farming water use has been an issue for some time, one technology company thinks it has found a solution.


10 Small Business Trademark Mistakes that Cost You Money

Trademarks for your small business could be incredibly important not only now but in the future. They can help you protect your business and your brand if executed correctly, By contrast, small business trademark mistakes could end up costing you big time.

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4 Reasons To Refinance Your Small Business Debt

There was a time when small businesses could rely on bank loans for affordable finance. Then along came the Great Recession. And small businesses turned to higher interest options. One way to lower these rates is to refinance small business debt with a lower-rate business term loan.

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, But Getting a Business Loan is Easier Than You Think!

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