November 25, 2015

Women Business Owners Want Association Health Plans


A recent poll released by WIPP (Women in Public Policy) says that health care is the top issue concerning U.S. women business owners today. And Association Health Plans may be the answer to small businesses’ health insurance problems, they think.

To put this survey in perspective, remember that it is a public policy survey. So the questions were about issues that can be influenced by legislation and desired change at the Federal level.

The survey represents small businesses. It covered over 500 women in business, of which 98% have under 100 employees.

The top issues the women see are health care, energy, social security reform and tax reform — in that order. When it comes to health care, here is a chart showing the solutions they would like to see implemented:

women small business owners sound off on health care

Isn’t it interesting how the overwhelming majority (84%) of those surveyed want a complete overhaul of the health care system? That tells you how messed up most think today’s system is. Of course, we all know an overhaul is not likely to happen anytime soon.

The next best option, with 72% support, is to make Association Health Plans available.

Association Health Plans would allow trade associations and other groups to make health insurance plans available nationwide for their members. Today, health coverage in the U.S. cannot be provided by associations across state lines. Nationwide association plans would give groups of small businesses more buying clout when it comes to health insurance plans. More information can be found at the NFIB’s website for Association Health Plans.

Read the detailed WIPP women business owner survey results here.

Hat tip to Kirsten at re:invention for the survey link.

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