November 30, 2015

Interesting Business and Law Blog Roundups


Rob May, the BusinessPundit, is hosting Carnival of the Capitalists this week — check it out. Since this is tax season, I particularly recommend Matthew Paulson’s entry: How to Pay Taxes on Small Business Income. It’s a good reminder for all of you who have recently started a business, even a side business or a hobby-turned-business.

Blawg Review 100 is also up, over at Declarations and Exclusions. Brett Trout’s entry notes that cyber insurance is on the rise. Do you have cyber insurance to protect against issues such as data theft or destruction; hacker extortion; or infringement of intellectual property? If yours is like most businesses, you probably do not have cyber insurance, but Brett explains why maybe you should.

For more information on how to participate in future online roundups (I understand that future hosts are needed), visit:
Carnival of the Capitalists
Blawg Review

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