November 27, 2015

Small Business Goals: Fitness Conscious, Want Sales, Looking for Work-Life Balance

For the past month and a half we’ve been running a poll here at Small Business Trends, asking a simple question:  What is your top 2010 resolution?

While it’s not exactly a statistically-sound survey, the results are pretty interesting. They paint a picture of a fitness-conscious group who are seeking more sales revenues in our businesses, and who feel a need to balance the personal and work elements of our lives.

The following chart shows the top 10 vote getting categories for the top 2010 small business goals.

top small business goals 2010

Here is how the responses break down:

  • 18% of you want to lose weight
  • 13% want to increase sales by 10% or more this year
  • 11% intend to start a home business
  • 10% of you are really aggressive on growth, and want to increase sales by 45% (when you combine this group with the second largest category above, the total of those who want to increase sales jumps to 23% — clearly, getting more sales is important)
  • 9% of you want to manage personal time better
  • 8% of you plan to exercise more
  • 8% want to get a job (I assume that must mean your business is either not working out as intended, or you have been laid off and are considering starting a business but would really prefer to get a job)
  • 5% want to learn social media
  • 4% plan to work on process improvements to your businesses
  • 2% want to stop smoking, drinking or other bad habits

Only the top ten vote-getters are included in the chart.  The rest of the responses had smaller percentages.

The  poll was designed to be deliberately broad. It intentionally covered the business and personal aspects of our lives, both. After all, as small business people we have business interests, and we have personal lives. Sometimes it’s hard to separate the two.  Here’s what I found so interesting: the results were almost evenly divided among business and personal goals — demonstrating that we are human beings, not just businesslike robots.

The poll allowed you, as readers, to add write-in choices. Others could then vote for that write-in choice. Interestingly, 4 of the top ten vote-getters were reader write-ins — proving once again how valuable “crowdsourcing input” can be. Those top 4 that started out as write-in votes were:  start a home business; increase sales by 45%; exercise more; get a job.

Are you surprised by these small business goals for 2010?

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Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of

11 Reactions

  1. Companies are now rewarding employees for living a more fit lifestyle, so it is catching on.

  2. Anita: It was interesting to the results. I think it captures the worklife situation of many small business owners.

  3. Fitness has such an incredible spin off into all areas of our lives. The number of people who want to achieve more sales will get more supercharged and have more energy simply by being fitter. It makes sense!

  4. A bit surprised by the results. But happy to see the number of people who are liking to improve the balance of there lives.

  5. This trend is only going to continue to grow, as more and more people realize that life isn’t always about business. This shift is brought in part because people nowadays are wanting to get more out of life, primarily because life expectancy has increased drastically over the last hundred years.

  6. Anita,

    The poll numbers are not surprising to me at all. After all, if our work-life balance is off, that probably means we’re not exercising, let alone getting away from our PC’s and our businesses long enough to actually spend some quality time with our families.

    It seems that the tools that have been invented to help us become more efficient so that we CAN do more stuff to help us balance things better, have not really done so.

    On a positive note, technology related to internet networks-social networks have opened up huge doors for folks like you and me.

    Either we clone ourselves, or we commit to a better balance of work and life.

    Now, I better go check my email, although, I don’t really want to.

    The Franchise King

  7. Great news for any one in the weight loss or fitness industries!!

  8. Hi

    It seems everything revolves around the money. The more we might have the more we actually want to have. Therefore we sit for long hours in the offices taking double shifts. Money are the twenty first century lords and we are its slaves.

    Great news for any one in the weight loss or fitness industries!!
    –> of course, more money!!

    Companies are now rewarding employees for living a more fit lifestyle, so it is catching on.
    –> of course, keeping the slaves happy, they will work more and better so they could have more money..

    I am sorry i am a bit sceptical and touching bit controversial topic but couldn’t resist. ;)))

    And you know what is the biggest surprise? It seems that the more people have the less happy they are and the less they have more happy they are…


  9. This is good news for me. As a personal trainer I see the population in the UK increasing not only in numbers but is size.

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