November 27, 2015

Small Business News: And the Winner is…?


Certainly not small businesses, according to most commentary we’ve seen. With the passage of historic healthcare legislation by the U.S. House Sunday many small businesses think they will be paying more. We deal with this and other issues in the latest edition of the small business news roundup from Small Business Trends.


What is this going to cost us? No matter how you slice it, healthcare reform will raise expenses for many small businesses…A LOT. CNN Money

Healthcare law will help small business by charging us more? President Obama says the measure is good for small business, but opponents wonder how when it increases costs. MoxNewsDotCom

Major changes in store for small business. But an analysis declines to put small business owners in either the “winners” or “losers” category on healthcare reform.


Looking for a recovery? Don’t bother with Washington. Small business leaders are doing it one sale at a time. BusinessWeek

Seeking a business role model? Be more German. An Irish entrepreneur talks about changing his focus and finding new inspiration. Tweak Your Biz


Does your business really need a blog? And if so, are you sure you’ve got the right kind?

Should your next marketing campaign use online or traditional media? Both, say an increasing number of marketing professionals.

What medium should you use for your main marketing platform? It’s not a trick question but the answers may vary. Flying Pig Communications


How to build a better Website. This is a detailed guide for the serious e-commerce entrepreneur.

How backing up your data can save your business. When disaster strikes, will your information be secure?


Social networking without relationships? What’s wrong with this picture? Learn more.

It’s not a numbers game. How true networking can be about connecting with just a few of the right people. Seth Godin’s Blog


How much are you willing to pay? Mike Clough explains why employee compensation is about more than saving money in a down economy. America’s Best Business Practices

Every rule is breakable. Upsilon is an events management company that follows very few traditional business principles. Open Forum Innovation

What are the best times to show customer appreciation? Here are three of the best times to show a willingness to say thankyou. fuelNet

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  1. I LOVE these summaries! Thanks Anita and Staci and Amanda for putting them together. These are so helpful. I can get a glance at the news that really impacts me.

  2. I agree with TJ’s statement. I like these SMB summaries. This could become a new specialized news feed to follow. Regarding commentary on the healthcare legislation, I recommend you to read Scott Holleran’s post, Walgreens Anticipates ObamaCare. Short link to

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