November 28, 2015

Small Business News for March 3, 2010


Learn more about what’s important to your small business today. Here is our latest roundup of the news articles and blogs we’re reading and what’s important, from Small Business Trends.


Will small business really be better off with another layer of government regulation? Some small businesses have come out in support of a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes.

The road to patent reform runs through the Eastern District of Texas. VC investor Brad Feld runs this op ed about patent litigation in the U.S. and how it could strangle innovative small to medium sized businesses. Feld Thoughts

Employer-provided health insurance remains in proposalExcerpts from President Obama’s  remarks on his health care program today.  “The proposal I’ve put forward … builds on the current system where most Americans get their health insurance from their employer.” National Review Online


Want to know how other small businesses are using social media? Here’s a cool graph with stats and some other information. Mashable

Some things are just too good to be true. Free hosted phone service for your small business may be one of them. Be sure the company will still be around when you need them.


The problem with small business — is it really lack of credit? In this interview, Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.) insists he was told by one small business owner that lack of customers or sales was not the problem but only lack of credit due to lack of capital in the banking industry. How many small business owners would agree?

What do you need to buy a business? Before you even think about trying to secure a loan or other financing here are some things you may need to consider.


So, what do those little stars next to some Google search results mean? They may be an important factor in your Website’s positioning in the future and an important consideration when marketing your presence online. Wayne Liew Dot Com

New Hampshire small businesses are bucking a trend and exceeding the national average in exporting overseas. How that state’s small to medium sized companies are fostering growth and how other entrepreneurs can imitate their success at marketing abroad.

What marketers really can’t stand about advertising agencies. Lack of communications, industry knowledge and insight into clients’ needs top the list in this report. American Association of Advertising Agencies

Who are you following on social media? If you’re just checking your own brand, you may be missing the boat.


Small business payrolls showed a 2% increase in hiring and slightly larger paychecks. From the SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard for February 2010. Data based on thousands of small business payrolls.

Despite the best laid plans, your product or service will someday fall short of customer expectations. Roger Breisch, Executive Director at the Batavia, Illinois Chamber of Commerce draws on 25 years of business experience  about when the worst happens. Oops…There Goes My Worldview

What if there were a simple and complete guide on how to keep your customers happy? You’re in luck! Ken Beaulieu has seven tips that should keep customers and clients sticking to you like glue.

Steer clear of the usual tax preparation pitfalls by keeping good records. Tips from the Associated Press to keep your business out of trouble at tax time. Associated Press

The secret to turning your business into one you can sell. John Warrillow draws on his experiences building his business, which he sold a few years ago. Small Business Trends


Social responsibility is the new norm to be ignored at your own peril. Using words like “renewable”, “sustainability” or “fair trade” when describing your startup at one time made you part of the fringe. Now they’re part of the territory. Blogtrepreneur

Who says entrepreneurship is risky? Sure you could wind up without a steady paycheck but that could happen anyway with downsizing and layoffs in this volatile economy. We at Small Business Trends would like to remind you that, like everything in life, small business ownership comes with risks. Business Opportunities and Ideas.

Want some inspiration for your next entrepreneurial adventure? Check out these 33 quotes from others who have gone before.

It’s lonely out there! But don’t worry. There are plenty of resources to guide you. And here are just four to get you started. Define Magazine

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