November 30, 2015

Small Business News for March 4, 2010


There’s plenty to watch in today’s small business news roundup from Small Business Trends. Here are links to the highlights from the news and blogs we follow.


How do you get more customers even in a tough economy? How about setting prices based on value not cost? Sound crazy? Read on. BusinessWeek

Let’s make a deal. Being successful in small business is about getting what you’re worth, but the key is to make sure you’re giving as good as you get. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

87% of business owners are satisfied with their jobs. A recent poll suggests business owners enjoy the highest job satisfaction (even over doctors and lawyers.) The pollsters suggest it’s partly because business owners make more money.  While that’s true in some cases, it’s not true across the board.  We at Small Business Trends think that a large part of the satisfaction comes from feeling in control … and being self-sufficient.


Where is your online traffic? They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and it’s time to go get them. Here’s how. America’s Best Business Practices

How is your business standing out from the crowd? Are you a helpful book or an annoying direct mail flyer? Open Forum

Why your business really needs a blog. We know, we know. You’ve heard it all before.  But John Joyce explains why you really can’t afford to neglect this most important marketing tool. The Small BizNest


When should an entrepreneur say no to a paying customer? When doing business with the wrong partner could cost you much more. The Rise to the Top

How do you grow your business on a budget? One word: Magnets! Small Business CEO


Long Time Coming. The SBA under the Obama Administration has finally proposed a rule to implement a law increasing the share of federal contracts to women-owned businesses  … a decade after it was passed.

Watch out for “unethical tax schemes”. A recent IRS e-News bulletin warns about schemes specifically targeting home business. While we at Small Business Trends believe you should get the deductions you’re entitled to, don’t fall for tax schemes that seem “too good to be true.”


Should small business people be calling the shots? A poll finds 51 percent of Americans believe the business community makes better financial decisions than Washington. Rasmussen Reports

How will health care reform really affect your business? Business owners have been screaming for years about the rising cost of healthcare/insurance.  But could the cure be worse than the ailment?  Learn what Washington’s prescription for a healthier America will cost you, according to the NFIB

Washington to the rescue? Really? Congress has OK’d more money for popular SBA backed loans and the media is again portraying small businesses as needing a bailout. But one community banker has a different view. The video is more interesting than the text story — watch it.

The Cadillac health care tax. OK, it’s not a tax on your car. But the health care plan being proposed may actually hurt those small businesses already offering coverage. Kaiser Health News

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