November 28, 2015

Small Business News March 10, 2010


From marketing to startups, operations to policy that directly affects small business, the small business news roundup from Small Business Trends has it all. Here’s the latest installment of what we hope will become an indispensable part of your daily small business fix.


Seth Godin talks “Creative Value.” Learn more about what he had to say at the recent “Art of Marketing Conference” in Toronto. Biz Money Matters

How helpful is Facebook for B2B Marketing? Tom Pick thinks aloud on the subject with some illuminating results. Webbiquity

Mobile marketing tips for retail. Your customers are mobile. Are you ready? The Lunch Pail

What’s missing from most newsletter sign-up forms? The answer may surprise you. Travel Online Partners


How to outsource your CFO. Why hiring outside talent to manage your small business may be key to your success. Small Business CEO

What can a horrendous dry cleaning experience teach about customer service? Read Ken Kauffman’s post to find out. CFOwise

What are you waiting for? Innovate! Here’s a look at what’s stopping you and how to get over it. Open Forum Innovation

Hey, it’s tough out there. But here are ten tips to help you deal with it. America’s Best Business Practices


Big Brother strikes again. Soon online sellers too will be under greater IRS scrutiny.  Auction Bytes

Way too much debt. Last time it was business owners and consumers caught with no more credit and too many bills to pay, but could a bubble be set to burst for Washington? National Review Online

Don’t forget those tax write-offs. There’s one particularly generous break that every small business should use. WSJ


10 businesses you can launch from home. See if one of them is right for you.

Are you a builder or a salesman? When building a company, you can certainly go it alone, but you’d better have at least two skill sets in abundance. The Single Founder

Can big business really help entrepreneurs? Former employees turned small business owners share some thoughts with Goldman Sachs.


Five must-reads for entrepreneurs. Recommendations for every small business owner’s permanent library.

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  1. Anita – thanks for the link and the positive words. I hope other b2b marketers find the post helpful as well, and if they have other ideas about using Facebook for b2b marketing, leave a comment there.

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