November 27, 2015

Small Business News March 8, 2010


It’s time for another Small Business News roundup.  Here are the news links and blog posts that are shaking up the small business online community for March 8, 2010 hand picked by the team at Small Business Trends.


Small Business celebrates the Oscars! Hey, what small business leader has time to watch a movie? But if you happen to slip one into you’re busy schedule, here are some cool lessons you can learn, from author and speaker Barry Moltz.  Small Business Trends

Motivating employees in a small business might be a no-brainer for some. Here’s a primer for those of us who may need a bit more help.

Need to sell your business? Call a lawyer. An attorney with entrepreneurship in his blood answers some questions about how they can help.

Social Media

Just say no to more LinkedIn invitations. When is it time to put an end to endless network building? Global Copywriting

But before you write off that LinkedIn account completely! Here are five ways to make your virtual Rolodex turned business media network really rock. Online Marketing Blog

What Rambo could teach every marketer and small business owner about blogging. It’s all about the risks you take. Much like this post.


What small businesses can learn from Obama, Dunkin Donuts and American Express. And why your business simply can’t ignore the texting revolution.

Do you have free content about your business online? If not, it could be costing you and your business huge numbers of new customers. Duct Tape Marketing

Forget about e-commerce and get ready for m-commerce. The M stands for “mobile” and it will completely change the way you do business online … again.


Touch screen technology enables more mobile small business. Read a review of the latest in tablet computer technology for the small business owner or professional on the move.

Who is the “mayor” of your small business? Don’t know what we’re talking about? Better read this. Catalyst Marketers

What if online content creators can’t make money from advertising? An increasing number of online visitors not only want their content free but are employing software to block the advertising that pays for it. WSJ


Not every cloud has a silver lining. Despite economic gains and government efforts, a recent survey shows optimism among small business owners has not improved.  NFIB

You ain’t seen nothing yet. A proposed health care reform package still being fought over in Washington will likely cost us WAY more than we thought. National Review Online


Nowadays even a “startup out of a garage” must be global. But managing the cultural intricacies of dealing with a world market instead of one just around the corner takes much more than just an Internet connection.

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