November 28, 2015

Small Business News: Rising Costs


It looks like costs will be rising for businesses large and small soon in the wake of healthcare reform and a reconciliation bill being passed with it in the U.S. Senate. We bring you the latest news in this small business roundup for March 25, 2010 from the Small Business Trends team along with tips from the blogs and news sources we follow about how to improve productivity and cut costs in these tough economic times.


How Washington is killing business. What will a reconciliation bill now being hammered out in the U.S. Senate do to investment including for startups? National Review Online

Big money for healthcare. Major companies report staggering costs with the implementation of the newly passed healthcare reform. Have you calculated how changes in healthcare will affect your business? WSJ


“The number one biggest business opportunity right now?” Start a blog says David Siteman Garland in a recent edition of Great Day Saint Louis. Find out more by watching the segment. The Rise To The Top

Got an idea for the next big restaurant chain? A new show from NBC will give contestants a shot at their entrepreneurial dream. StartupNation

Social Media

What is the best social media network for your small business? The answer is that it all depends which one works best for you. The Small BizNest

Is your social media authentic? Shonali Burke muses on the limits of outsourcing social media efforts for your business. Women Grow Business

Are you wasting your time with social media? It’s the buzz today in most small business circles that Twitter, Facebook et al are critical for growing your business, but how will you use these tools to accomplish your goals?


The right tool for the right job. Look at your overall goals before choosing how best to connect with customers. M4B Marketing

Top tips for testimonials. Testimonials from happy customers can be a great marketing tool, but using them correctly is also critical. Understanding Marketing


What does leadership really mean? Mary Jo Asmus sorts out some possible answers in this guest post on leadership, “followership” and building great relationships.

Customer Care

Exploding customer service myths. This companion to the interview with author Barry Motz will question some conventional small business wisdom. Zane Safrit


Preventing credit card chargebacks. If you manage an e-commerce business, or any other that deals with credit cards, this is probably a common issue. Here are some solutions. My Wife Quit Her Job

How to make your small business leaner.These three tips will help you overhaul your operations for better efficiency in tougher times. WSJ


How wikis can help your small business. More details on the marketing aspects of the other social media. SysComm International

Getting your tech from the big guys. From security to IT many small businesses have the opportunity to have their tech needs met with a bit of careful shopping.

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