November 26, 2015

Small Business News: Building A Greener Business


With the celebration of Earth Day, our focus here on the Small Business Trends roundup for April 22, 2010 is greening your business. But the focus isn’t just the environment. It’s also meeting your customers’ expectations. We hope the tips below will improve the environment for your small business too.

Happy Earth Day

Will environmental investments lead to more green? Well, maybe not if you’re talking about money…at least not for a while yet. A report says small business will have to wait to recoup initial costs. WSJ

On the other hand, if going green is in response to customer demand… Though many businesses are motivated by simply being environmentally conscious, in a world where consumers share that sentiment it can also be good for business. Small Business Trends

Want to green your office? How about getting rid of it completely? Here are six tips that will lead the way and likely lead to other management benefits too. WSJ


Are you a successful rural small business owner? If so, Barry Moltz and Becky McCray are writing a book and would love to hear from you. Getting Small Business Unstuck

Shake hands with today’s entrepreneur. Male or female, preferring the iPhone or the Blackberry, feeling the crunch of the recession or not bothered by it at all: a recent survey gives a picture of today’s entrepreneur. (And it’s a varied portrait.) Grasslands: The Entrepreneurial Blog

Want to become an entrepreneur? What’s holding you back? John Andrews has some thoughts…arrived at via Shakespeare.

Social Media

Have you violated the social media commandments? The results can be disastrous for your business and your reputation. Social Media Today

Is social media overtaking Google? And what will this mean to the future of marketing on the Web? Experian Hitwise

Still some business owners and experts continue to doubt. How exactly can you loose money on something that costs so little compared to other kinds of marketing? WSJ


How is marketing like a magic act? The real trick is to find the right audience. Read on… Seth Godin’s Blog

Pricing, imported champagne and the secret to marketing success. Fred Wilson explains the signals you may be sending about your product or service without even knowing it. A VC

How to sell to international markets. Surprisingly, the majority of U.S. exporters are not huge corporations but small businesses. Here’s a primer on how to join their ranks.


VC Brad Feld has some advice for young startups. Forget the lousy economy and just build your business. Check out his other advice in this video. Feld Thoughts

The Book Shelf

How can you get customers to do your marketing for you? Business consultant Jim Kukral reviews John Jantsch’s The Referral Engine. Jim Kukral Dot Com


Healthcare and the small startup. Though many small businesses are concerned about the impact of healthcare reform, you may also want to look into any benefit you may be entitled to as a small company starting out. BusinessWeek

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