November 24, 2015

Small Business News: Healthcare Blues?


Healthcare reform will likely affect many despite how you as a small business owner feel about it. Critics would have you believe it will wreak havoc with the smallest of enterprises while others insist most small businesses will be exempt from mandatory requirements and reap the benefits of lower insurance rates. No matter how your business is impacted, check out the latest in our Small Business Trends roundup for April 29, 2010.


Feeling overwhelmed by the roll out of new healthcare rules? If you’re not yet, you will be after watching this video on things to come with links for more information. National Federation of Independent Business

Meanwhile, here’s another perspective. Representatives of the U.S. Health Department and the U.S. Small Business Administration talk about the perceived benefits of the healthcare overhaul. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Could healthcare reform be a growth killer for small business? Critics claim the new legislation will hold growth down due to employee number and income limits after which health insurance requirements kick in. YouTube

Unintended consequences. One report suggests new legislation may make healthcare unaffordable for employees in an estimated 38 percent of businesses, especially small business. Fox Business


69% of small businesses are pinching pennies in April. Sounds like many of you out there aren’t convinced the economy is looking up. Intuit Town Hall


DON’T give up your blog for Faceboook. When it comes to marketing your small business online, don’t give up what still may be the most powerful tool available online. Small Business Trends

Commenting your way to a profitable bottom line. One often overlooked online marketing technique can help you develop customers with limited time and effort. Global Copywriting

A marketing planner kit. Four approaches to consider before mapping out your campaign. Cloud Marketing Labs

Social Media

How to become an “online influencer.” More on PR, “internet celebrity” and its connection to entrepreneurship. Watch this great interview. The Rise To The Top


How useful is LinkedIn for business recruiting?  Bill Rice questions the effectiveness of social media when seeking new executive talent for your company. Better Closer

What Oscar Wilde can teach us all about leadership. Separating the facts you observe from the meaning you add to it is key to becoming an effective leader. Small Business CEO

Is e-mail the best way to communicate with your employees? Here are three other suggestions when it’s time to talk to the troops. Winning Workplaces

Cyber attacks on small business. The internet is part of the reality of doing business today. What are your risks? Albany Insurance Professional


Finding and attracting investors. Steps for finding the necessary funds to launch and grow your business.

Don’t bribe your customers. It should go without saying but a recent trend in online startups suggests this poor business strategy remains popular despite poor results. Small Business CEO

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