November 28, 2015

Small Business News: Playing Politics?


Politicians today are giving considerable lip service to helping small business and in a broader sense the economy to survive. But advocates of small business on the Web this week in the wake of a controversial healthcare vote and ongoing small business and stimulus programs remain skeptical of both results and priorities. Meanwhile, the Small Business Trends team continues to gather the best news and tips online for the small business community across the nation and around the world in this roundup for April 2, 2010.


Will tax credits for hiring and government backed loans help grow your business? Not until there are more customers coming in the door, say these small business owners. National Federation of Independent Business

What can Washington do to improve the economy? Only 12 percent in a recent phone survey approve of the current U.S. tax system. Rasmussen Report

Washington claims its healthcare package will help small business. Not so, say small business advocates in this post about how the unaffordable costs of healthcare may affect you. National Federation of Independent Business

Meanwhile, here’s the spin the White House puts on the healthcare plan. Notice a business is defined as “large” according to the healthcare law if it has more than 50 full-time of equivalent workers.


Knowledge is power. How sharing product information with your employees gives you the competitive advantage. Winning Workplaces

There are three kinds of business owners in the world Which one are you? Flying Pig Communications


Working to build a brand identity? Here are some elements you definitely may want to consider. VisibleLogic

Using YouTube to brand your business. Small business owners have learned to use social media to market on a shoestring, and YouTube may be the best social media tool of all. Smedio


Creating the quick and easy marketing plan. How to market your business by answering seven simple questions. DIY Marketers

Build an ROI calculator. And let your prospects sell themselves. Sales Tip A Day


What exactly is zip lining? And what does it have to do with starting your own business? Escape From Cubicle Nation

How to pick a company name. And how to know when it’s time for a change. OnStartups


New rules for business. How to connect and work together. Open Forum Innovation

Thoughts on adaptability. Sometimes innovation is just dealing with change. Tweak Your Biz

Do you Doodle? This is not your father’s meeting calendar. Find out more about scheduling tools in the online world. DIY Marketers

Making a Difference

Helping Haiti. How one business is making a difference in an impoverished land. The Franchise King

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  1. Good lead in. Politicians continue to look for empty photo ops with small business. Nearly every solution proposed in the last eighteen months is simply putting things on sale that no one can afford:

    You can “save” a small amount of money on tax breaks if you spend 10 times that to hire someone.

    You can “save” 35% on every employee’s health care that you hire.


    And if they aren’t “spend a lot of money to save a little” schemes, they are out of reach:

    Healthy businesses that couldn’t get a 7a or 504 SBA loans shouldn’t, worry. The politicians are coming to your rescue by raising the loan limits from $2million you’ll never see to $5 million you’ll never see.

    What the politicians donn’t understand is that when they didn’t address the real problem of unreasonable credit requirements with real solutions, then gave $1.5 trillion in bailouts and handouts to their big business buddies who couldn’t have qualified for a credit card at the time, they exposed their true allegiance – to big business and big government.

    And when they then ignored the biggest credit crunch in small business history and focused all their attention on health care, they spoke with their actions how they feel about small business.

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