November 28, 2015

Small Business News: Selling Your Site


The Web is a whole new medium for small business and selling or marketing your Website, blog or social media channel can have radically different meanings to every business owner depending on what you hope to achieve. There are, of course, many ways a small business can use the tools of the Internet to market products to customers around the world who once might have been out of reach. However, the first step is marketing you’re Web presence itself and we’ll look at this and many other important issues for small business in the Small Business Trends roundup for April 8, 2010. Read on…


How to launch a business blog. And how it can build your business. Remarkablogger

How to create meta tags that “sell the click.” This video from Michael Campbell explains how. YouTube

Website fail. Does your B2B Website fall down in any of these three areas? B2B Marketing Smarts

Generate increased leads with a video squeeze page. Here is a tool that makes it easy. MarketingProfessor

Is your Google PPC account optimized? If you don’t know or haven’t thought about it, consider reading the entire post.

Customer Care

Want to know how to handle difficult clients? Here’s the definitive primer for the worst of the worst. Women Entrepreneur

Don’t listen to your customers? Mark Cuban offers advice about getting feedback. Is he right or wrong? Blog Maverick

Is your customer friend or foe? If you don’t know already, read this post. The Science and Art of Selling

Workplace Culture

What is work-life innovation? And how can you employ it in your business? The Huffington Post

Is money the best motivator? Learn what less expensive options there are for gaining best results.

How do you handle stressful times in your business? The answer can have a bigger impact than you think. Winning Workplaces


Learning to network may well be one of the most important skills in small business. To that end, it’s also important to recognize what networking is not. The Huffington Post

And hang on before relying on social media for networking efforts. Better read this post first on whether trust in this explosive medium is dying. Search Engine Land


Starting a business from scratch? Consider these relatively low cost suggestions to start your business with a bang. iBank

Kitchen Nightmares guide to starting a small business. What do cooking shows have to do with entrepreneurship? Read on and find out. Gorilla-Force Blog

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