November 29, 2015

Small Business News: The Bleeding Edge


Are you an innovator?  Is your small business on the bleeding edge — from technology to management, marketing to products and services?

Today’s edition of small business roundup for April 14, 2010 from the Small Business Trends team follows news and blogs looking at innovation in small business on every level so that you can mirror others’ success and create your own frontier of small business success.

Biz Tech

Small business owners and entrepreneurs abroad may have to wait for their iPad. The reason? Too much U.S. demand. Yahoo! News

Visit your customers online. What their Web presence can tell you. M4B Marketing

Get your product or service online in 5 minutes. No kidding. Na’ama Moran of Zappedy tells you more.

Changes at Yelp. How the customer feedback site continues to evolve and listen to its stakeholders. Small Business Trends

Innovative small business. How to beat the big guy when he’s stealing your thunder.


How not to grow your business A lesson in forecasting, partnership and management gone wrong. You’re The Boss

Who owns your business? And what does it mean for your success? Winning Workplaces

All in the family. Family businesses bring both unique opportunities and unique challenges. Here are some details. America’s Best Business Practices


Think government efforts will spur business growth? Watch these two interviews from Larry Kudlow.  National  Review Online

Where have your customers gone? They may be part of the 66 percent of Americans worried about high taxes. Rasmussen Reports


What goes into a successful startup. It may take more than a great idea. Sustainable Startup

Social Media

Are you one of those people who think social media for business is a waste of time? Then have we got the post to set you straight on the subject. Weblinx

Are you a social media superstar? Find out how to become one for your small business with Peter Shankman of HARO. The Entreprenette Gazette

Improve your Facebook engagement. Are you worn out by becoming a fan on hundreds of Facebook Fan pages? This is a terrific tutorial on how to declutter your news feeds so you can focus on what you really want to read.  Social@Blogging Tracker

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