November 30, 2015

Small Business News: The New Big?


It’s been said many times that small is the new big and, of course, small business remains the driving engine behind the U.S. and many other economies. The importance of small business and how best to help it survive and prosper is also foremost in the contributions of many of the blogs and other online news sources we’re following for this roundup of small business news at Small Business Trends for April 5, 2010. Enjoy!

What’s New?

Show me the money. OK. So where do you get the cash to start this business in the first place? Professional Service Firm Marketing Tips & Strategy

Home-based business bungles. Three places a small business insurance rep says home-based businesses can go horribly wrong. Albany Insurance Professional

How to stand out from the crowd. Just because your business is small doesn’t mean it should be hard to find online. Sales Tip a Day

Do you have a “whatever it takes” attitude toward your small business? If not, then with any luck this story will inspire you. Small Biz Survival


Credit where credit is due. Bank of America extends credit card protection to small business. You’re the Boss

Back from bankruptcy. Getting a line of credit for your small business after the worst has happened can be tough…but not impossible. BusinessWeek


Financial reform bad for new business? Could a proposed reform of the financial industry spell trouble for fledgling small business entrepreneurs? BusinessWeek

Watch those unpaid internships. Does your small business obey the law when offering these?

Picking a winner. Which states have the best tax regulations for small business to flourish? Business.Gov


Does your small business Website need a site map? This is not a trick question. Start Up Your Online Advertising

Social media. It’s not just for marketing anymore. If you’re using social media just for connecting with customers, you may be missing a big opportunity. Channelship


“Re-shoring”, “on-shoring” and “insourcing.” If a predicted rebalancing of trade really comes, how will small businesses be affected? The Huffington Post

Making money by wearing T-shirts? Watch the interview and check out this interesting business model. The Rise To The Top


Awesome home office. Taking the steps to make your home office productive.

Putting energy into your business. Sometimes that extra something your business needs for success can be hard to quantify. Client Prosperity

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