November 29, 2015

Small Business News: What’s Your Business Plan?


Whether an elaborate 30 page opus or a couple of ideas scribbled on a cocktail napkin…or something somewhere in between…a business plan may take a wide variety of forms. But one thing all have in common is that they make you think about your business. From how to fund your business to who you will sell your product or service to, there are plenty of questions to ask. In this business roundup, the Small Business Trends team looks at posts and news that make you make decisions about your business both before and after you get things rolling.


Will the Small Business Lending Enhancement Act help your business? Or more importantly, as Small Business Trends Anita Campbell asks, do small businesses even care? Open Forum Money

Are you taking advantage of Facebook? A new study suggests the social media giant is getting increasing online business traffic. What are you doing to take advantage of this trend? Online Media Gazette

Want to cut payroll expenses without sacrificing talent? A podcast from the Wall Street Journal recommends offering equity instead but cautions that this decision can have consequences down the road. WSJ

Are you developing a big idea for your advertising campaign? Better to develop an advertising campaign for your big idea. Here’s the difference. BusinessWeek


Knowing your market and watching your overhead. Lani Hay, CEO of Lanmark Technology Inc., gives some great advice to Dow Jones Newswires on getting started even if here at Small Business Trends we wouldn’t necessarily recommend your first stop for funding being the SBA. WSJ

Who says a good business plan couldn’t translate into big investment dollars? Try $1.07 million in investments, cash and business services handed out as prizes in the final round of this business plan competition. You’re The Boss

Why your bookie wouldn’t bet on a startup. We here at Small Business Trends believe there are synergies to working with other startups, this post adequately spells out the risks. Corporate Raiter


What’s your business model? If you can’t explain your model simply and aren’t modeling off of others’ success, you may be missing great opportunities. Chris Brogan


Can ethical marketers learn lessons from spammers? Yea, Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips hates spammers too, but when it comes to online marketing, sometimes you’ve got to give the devil his due. Copyblogger

You don’t need to be a hard drinker to understand the Vodka test. But marketer Josh Black insists that when trying to sell your product or service even teetotalers would do well to heed this advice. The Underdog Millionaire Blog

The best of 2009. Tom Pick reviews top e-mail marketing strategies and tactics from last year with links to the full overview. Webbiquity


What’s the key to successful networking? It’s all about cool shoes, the right underwear, forgetting your business cards and keeping up with current events. The Woo

The ultimate business networking experience. What’s your philosophy when using LinkedIn to connect? America’s Best Business Practices

Customer Care

Forget that ideal customer. Is there someone you definitely DON’T want to do business with? Why not figure this out ahead of time before being faced with an agonizing decision down the road. M4B Marketing

Asking predictive questions. How a seemingly unrelated inquiry can help you serve your customer better. Small Biz Survival

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  1. Now’s not the time to slash your marketing budget. In fact, you should increase it if you can in areas where you can measure your results and account for every precious penny spent.

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