November 26, 2015

Small Business News: Happy Small Business Week!


National Small Business Week recognizes the importance of small business to the U.S. economy but here at Small Business Trends we advocate the importance of small business not just for one week but for 360 days out of the year striving to bring the small business community worldwide the most critical information available. On today’s small business news roundup, we will also look at some of what came out of this year’s National Small Business Week in Washington D.C. both with our own coverage and from other sources around the Web. Here’s more:


We’re covering National Small Business Week! Small Business Trends founder and editor Anita Campbell was on the scene in Washington D.C. covering National Small Business Week and has been posting updates regularly since Sunday from the event as it happens. Keep checking back for updates. Small Business Trends

Highlights from last year’s National Small Business Week. Hey, we here at Small Business Trends believe small business owners not government are the key to economic development here in the U.S., and around the world. Still it’s great to see political leaders taking the time to recognize the importance of small businesses in the equation even if federal agencies sometimes take credit for helping them along. SBA


Three C’s for small business. SBA Administrator Karen Mills delivered a keynote address Monday defining the government agency’s mission and how, specifically, it related to small businesses. Here is Small Business Trends editor Anita Campbell’s coverage of the talk with key points and commentary. Small Business Trends

Yet small businesses continue to struggle. Even though one of the SBA’s three Cs apparently stands for “contracts,” a small business advocacy group says small businesses still aren’t getting their fair share when it comes to those lucrative government jobs. Medill News Service

Meet a “Women in Business” champion. See our interview with Carolyn Brown of The Accountant’s Office from the National Small Business Week event in Washington D.C. Carolyn helps small businesses outsource various support services including accounts payable, accounts receivable and financial reporting. She was named “Women in Business Champion” at the national business week event.  Small Business Trends

Other Events

Denver area holds its own small business week events. The Denver-area programs stretch on beyond the three days of speakers, workshops and more in Washington D.C. that concluded today. Events continue Wednesday and Thursday with a variety of programs for Colorado-based entrepreneurs and small business owners. Check out the full calendar of events here. Denver Business Journal

In Albany, GA, small businesses are honored. The local chamber of commerce has named a local electronics store “star business of the week” and plans events and special offers throughout Friday, a great way for a local community to honor and promote economic stability without the need to spend millions in bailouts and loans. WALB News

More events on the way. National Small Business Week is only one of numerous interesting small business related events on both coasts coming up this year. Check out all event information for your opportunity to attend.


Obama wants to help small businesses. And the President took the opportunity today to announce $30 billion in funding his administration hopes will get banks loaning. But do small businesses across the U.S. really need more debt or just more customers? And will federal funding really motivate banks to loan more? WSJ

Can small businesses help themselves? Even as federal officials struggle to get banks to loan to small businesses again it seems motivated sellers are changing the name of the game by playing banker and financing the sale of their businesses themselves. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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