November 27, 2015

Small Business News: How Will You Compete?


How will you lead your small business to success in an increasingly competitive world? Those competitors might be larger businesses, other small businesses or the tough economic climate in general. To help you succeed, we’ve tried to pack this May 4 edition of the Small Business Trends roundup with tips for gaining a competitive edge. Thanks for stopping by!


Five ways to best bigger firms? As the title of this post suggests, small business success must be earned. Young Entrepreneur Blog

Fighting with giants. How will your small business confront the “Goliaths” you face? Or perhaps a more relevant question might be just who are the “Goliaths” your small business must confront.  MyProjectTracker

Building your blog audience. With the online tools available to small business, a blog can be an important asset to set you apart from competitors. But it also may represent one of your greatest challenges. Webbiquity

Think the path to success is complicated? One blogger insists the basics are fairly simple. Here are his three steps to overwhelming success. Youngentrepreneur

Let’s loosen things up. How too much control in your marketing plan may be hurting your business. Marketing Interactions

Social Media

What’s the best route to success for your business? Sometimes finding a better way to communicate in your business is all about the journey. Tweak Your Biz

Are you ignoring an important tool for growing your business? Most online tools including social media are very inexpensive or even free, so why do so many businesses fail to use them? Inc.Com

Is your business making these social media mistakes? With the importance of these tools for business an acknowledged truth, be sure you don’t hamper your progress with missteps. Social Media Examiner


The marrying of digital marketing and bricks and mortar business. Lessons from the use of digital marketing in the hotel industry to improve customer experience and boost sales.

Generating more sales leads from your efforts. There are tons of factors that go into how your business generates sales leads. Here is a look at some of the key factors. B2B Lead Generation Blog

OK. So you’ve got big news about your business. Now, how do you get it passed on once you get it online? Public Relations Blogger


A 21st century plan for healthcare? With a plan to be mapped out for future health reform tomorrow in Washington, the important questions about how much this “investment” will cost small business remain unanswered. The Huffington Post

Concerned about the environment? Here are some key indicators about your state’s business environment and how it will affect you.


Entrepreneur state of mind. We hope this video about the new trends and new possibilities for startups everywhere will make you smile. Church of the Customer

So, how do you know if this business idea is the right one? Here are some steps to help you decide if you’re ready for startup. Youngentrepreneur

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