November 26, 2015

Small Business News: Keep ‘Em Coming Back


Sure you want to grow your business, increase your fans, introduce new products and services, go boldly where no small business has gone before. But let’s not forget the importance of those customers you already have. Remember, keeping them happy and coming back for more will always be easier and less expensive than bringing in new customers or creating new products and facets to your existing business. Here then for the May 7, 2010 Small Business Trends roundup is more about keeping your customers coming back along with other tips and news important to you, the small business owner.


How to find and retain customers. It may seem harder than ever in an increasingly competitive environment, but it has never been simpler to reach customers for a quality product or service, give them the necessary tools to share it with others and encourage long-term retention with genuine fans of your product or service. Want to know more? Small Business CEO

Don’t let them get away. Successful businesses are those that worry about much more than a single sale. They are those that find a way not only to bring a customer in but to get them to stay a while. And, much more important, they are the businesses that have found a way to keep those same customers returning…again and again. You’re The Boss

Want to innovate in your small business? Try listening to your customers. It may sound like an obvious solution, but if the people you serve continue to ask for related products or services you can easily provide or point you in a direction to grow your business you might not have otherwise considered, listen to their feedback. The change may do your business good. Open Forum Innovation


How to change your employees, your business, yourself? What if the things that you need to change have to do exclusively with the environment in which you find yourself? Changing the environment can make a huge difference in performance and success. Give it a try. Open Forum Innovation

The real secret to success. Well, it’s all about your motivation. But what motivation? And motivation to do what? Well, these, it turns out, are the really important questions. So, it’s time to choose. To decide. To make up your mind. Because success or failure depends on the choices you make today. Copyblogger


Doing a time audit on your small business. You carefully manage money in your small business so why not your time. Small business owners must wear many hats and do many jobs, but what if you logged the time you spent on each task? Could it help you eliminate waste or make time for the things you know are the most important of all? Duct Tape Marketing

Back to the basics. While we’re focusing on the latest business trends, tools and tech, we should make sure not to lose sight of the basics of business that remain at the core of all we do. Standing by commitments, focusing on customer service and attending to cash flow are at least as important as innovative new directions and new products and services, says entrepreneur Howard Mann in this no nonsense interview. The Rise To The Top


Are you guilty of “whack a mole” marketing? Your marketing might be doing much more and much worse damage to your product and brand than merely breeding disinterest. What if you’re loosing your community, all of it? The solution is pretty simple. Treat your customers, your community, as a privilege. Or wave goodbye to them…forever. Chris Brogan


What government finance reform really means. You may have heard about proposed government reform of the financial industry, but probably not like this. With a credit crunch, financial meltdown and bailout of “too big to fail” corporations at the expense of tax payers and small business, here’s a primer of how it all began and a closer look at the people who promise not to let it happen again. Klavan On Culture

Tea party message spreads to Europe. The message of a U.S. tea party movement that stresses, among other issues, reduction of the national debt is finding a receptive audience in Europe where economic difficulties also loom. Could the resonance mean increased receptiveness to a more business friendly environment?

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