November 30, 2015

Small Business News: SEO Marketing


In a world dominated by online activity, Search Engine Optimization has become a necessary weapon in every small business owner’s arsenal. Still, it remains a mystery to many small business owners, entrepreneurs and even some marketers. Like many aspects of starting and operating a small business, promoting your products or services online using SEO remains a constantly evolving endeavor. In today’s edition of the Small Business Trends wrap-up, we look at new directions in the world of SEO marketing along with other important news from and about the small business community.

Online Marketing Trends

Marketing your Website is much more complicated than it used to be. In a world of evolving search technology where Google remains the top dog, brand has become more critical than ever, and each new fan is won at the expense of someone else’s following. That’s the point of view of one SEO expert who explains the new rules when considering online marketing, at least as it relates to Google. SEO Book

Are you creating marketing copy with the search engines in mind? Of course, we write online copy to market our business for real people not just to attract disembodied search algorithms, but you know what? Learning the facts about how to craft better copy for SEO will only improve your efforts in the long run. Learn more from this free report. Copyblogger


Is your Web presence making sales? Of course, the idea of your blog or other Website generating prospects which your sales team can later peruse, is nothing new and is the common use for Websites as a marketing tool in the sales process. But why isn’t that Web presence doing a whole lot more? How about using it regularly as a tool during sales calls including leading a prospect through the completion of an online questionnaire about his or her needs. Webbiqity

Does your business have a Service Level Agreement? How do you make sure your business isn’t wasting sales peoples’ time on unqualified leads, failing to meet expectations and undermining credibility by sending mixed messages to prospective customers? One way to rectify the situation is by putting a good SLA in place. Marketing Interactions

Learn about marketing and sales through social media. If you think of social media sites like LinkedIn simply as a means of marketing, you may be missing an important function. Social media groups like the B2B Lead Gen Roundtable on LinkedIn are great examples of how social media can also help you learn from peers about lead generation, nurturing and management, prospecting and more. Why not drop by? B2B Lead Generation Blog


Lessons in poor branding from Gatorade. If you need an advertising campaign to explain your brand or have so many choices you’re confusing your customers, you’re in good company. Gatorade parent company PepsiCo has been there, done that. After a new branding effort resulted in a 13 percent drop in sales volume of their once popular sports drink, PepsiCo still didn’t get the fairly simple message being sent by their customers: to simplify their branding efforts. Daily Finance


Is Web 2.0 making us ruder? The evolving social media has changed the way we network, market, communicate and even generate sales. But for all the efficiency and greater reach this technology has given to small businesses, one blogger worries it has also exacted a terrible price. Basic knowledge of the art of follow through in order to maintain our business relationships long-term. Flying Pig Communications

The secret of greatness? Persistence. What does it take to succeed? And what do entrepreneurs like Chris Brogan have in common with an extreme skateboarder? Read the post and watch the video, all four minutes of it. If you believe in instant results or just dumb luck as the path to success, better go elsewhere. This post isn’t what you want to hear. Better Closer


Who’s afraid of the IRS? Sadly, as a small business owner, getting a letter from the Internal Revenue Service may be a fact of life, but how you respond is also important. Be sure to get back promptly when contacted by the IRS and avoid an audit by watching red flags like a business with ongoing losses or extraordinarily large charitable contributions. Read more tips on dealing with the IRS here.

Are some franchisees actually employees? A Massachusetts court’s decision that some franchisees of a Florida-based cleaning company are actually employees of that company is a new twist on a trend in which the status of many subcontractors is being challenged. What will this mean to the franchise business at large and what qualifications must now be established to make a determination of the status of those working in the franchise industry? Read on. WSJ

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