November 26, 2015

Small Business News: The Times They Are A-Changin’


Like the old song says, the times are changing but small business and entrepreneurship has always thrived on change. Often more agile and imaginative than huge corporations, they scout the shifting landscape for new opportunities often being the first to create new jobs and sometimes whole new markets. To react to change, small business owners need information. Here are the latest changes as they impact small business:


Do women run leaner businesses? Well, not necessarily in a good way, says this report from Sharon Hadary, former executive director and founder of the Center for Women’s Business Research. The reason many women owned businesses remain smaller than those started by or majority owned by men may have to do with mindset and some other factors. WSJ

Multi-cultural business reality check. Think everyone else’s perceptions are pretty much the same as yours? Think again. Take a trip around the world with blogger and small business owner Yonatan Maisel to learn just how much you don’t know about doing business across cultural lines. The Yonatan Maisel Blog

A big opportunity. A source of great need could become one of the great opportunities of the early 21st century too as world leaders look at the importance of entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa. There unemployment hovers around 13 percent, higher amongst younger generations, making the support of small business and entrepreneurship to create jobs imperative. Bloomberg Businessweek

Social Media

Let’s keep it safe. The social media has become a huge tool for small business, too important to ignore. But like any other tool, remember there can be dangers. Be sure you understand them if you plan to spend a lot of time networking and marketing on the social Web. Yahoo! News

Online networking requires being a good neighbor. Sure, the social media is a whole new frontier for many small business owners and entrepreneurs. But some of the basics for communicating in this new virtual community are no different than the basic rules you might use to get along with your neighbors and members of your local community organizations back home. BizSugar Blog

12 more tips for using social media. You’ll hear many tips for using social media, some good some bad, but few more helpful than these. Want to really understand the how and the why? Want to see how every Tweet and update helps mold your brand? And how it all comes together? Then read on. Shane Gibson


When marketing goes horribly awry. This capture of an extremely unfortunate “convergence” between a tragic news story about a motorist meeting a violent death and an ad that seems to create an unintentionally gruesome commentary on the event is an example of how your marketing message can accidentally go terribly wrong. What efforts can be made to avoid similar unfortunate marketing errors in your business?

The Book Shelf

Crafting copy that kicks some ass. Read about the book by Susan Gunelius that takes you through the journey from small business newbie to expert copywriter in 10 “easy” steps. We’re also giving away two copies of the book this month so be sure to sign up for your chance to win. Small Business Trends


Are you eligible for a small business tax credit? Though it probably won’t be an incentive to add healthcare coverage for employees if you don’t already do so, be aware that if your small business already provides employee healthcare you may be eligible for a new tax credit beginning this year. Eligibility is based on the number of employees and a few other factors so watch the above video for details and then visit the IRS Website for more. IRS Videos


The myth of the tech guy and the business guy. Entrepreneur Ben Yoskovitz talks about the supposed separation between these two fundamental parts of the startup team (at least for tech startups.) If we thought in terms of Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point we might split the founding team into three: maven, salesman and connector. Ben’s point? The model is flawed and founders should not see themselves as islands, or as living in different “silos.” Instigator Blog

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  1. Good collection of links, thanks for putting them together.

  2. Good collection of links, thanks for putting them together.

  3. Thanks for the neat collection of links.

  4. Some brilliant posts on there, thanks for collecting them all for us.

  5. Times really are changing! I grew my business that I started 10 years ago by making cold phone calls and cold calls in-person. Now that I am trying to break into other markets I’m finding that my old methods do not work like they used to. I am desperately trying to catch up with learning social media and selling online. I have to say though, it has been interesting to learn new ideas and methods!
    Thanks for the above suggestions.

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