November 27, 2015

Small Business News: This Changes Everything!


Have you ever encountered one of those life-altering moments that turns your business around? Sarah Shaw had one such experience when a friend introduced her to a die cutter who helped her expand her handbag business out of her dining room and into the big time. Read Sarah’s story and much more in this May 3, 2010 Small Business Trends roundup about the decisions that change everything.


67 tips that could change your business. Sarah Shaw taps her own unique small business “experts” and gets some game changing suggestions. The Entreprenette Gazette

No matter whether the recession is over or not… These tips from author Stephanie Chandler are good advice for any small business looking to transform and reposition yourself in an ever changing economy. AllBusiness

Growing your business with government contracts. This guide is designed to simplify the process of acquiring government contracts through the U.S. General Services Administration. Open Forum Innovation

One way to take your business to the next level… Find investors! This segment of MSNBC’s Your Business called “Elevator Pitch” gives a great example of how to pitch and land funding for your product or service. Open Forum Innovation


Building a great Web presence. Here are some things you probably haven’t really thought about but should when creating an online presence for your business. Chris Brogan

Do you track your SEO? Here’s a review of AuthorityLabs, a software designed to track your keyword rankings and why it matters for your marketing efforts. MarketingProfessor

Raising the stakes. How blogging has gone from an inexpensive marketing technique to a highly competitive part of doing business online. The Yonatan Maisel Blog

So what’s the best blogging platform for your business? Here’s an overview of the big three with a recommendation from a guy who likes his choice so much he became an affiliate.

Social Media Tools

Like politics, all social media is local. And localization means “adapting all of your communication to different local cultures.” Find out more about just how important this can be for your business. Cindy King

Tweet ups…and downs. Andy Hayes gives a brief tour of the microblogging platform and some tips on dos and don’ts for small business. Travel Online Partners

FB tip for entrepreneurs. Schedule your updates with easy to use tools. The Entreprenenette Gazette


Sounding off. Why speaking your mind can be a good thing and ultimately sets your business apart from the pack. Winning Workplaces

Release your inner punk rocker. Why playing it safe may be the worst possible strategy for building and running your business. Motivation 101 Blog

Are you building your business for acquisition? With a report this week that Apple Inc. is looking to buy tech startups, always remember the value of your business to larger competitors. Bloomberg Businessweek

The Book Shelf

Are you indispensable? Pierre DeBois reviews the new Seth Godin book Linchpin. We’re all looking forward to reading this! Small Business Trends

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