November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Ideation


There’s a lot more to a successful small business than a great idea. But access to a stream of creative ideas can certainly help any entrepreneur think outside the box and focus on innovation. We hope this primer will help your small business venture regularly take the road less traveled to small business success.


So, how do you know if your business idea is good enough? On one hand bouncing your business idea off of others can be helpful, letting you know if you’re on the right track. On the other, there’s a danger with sharing your great ideas with others. What if someone steals them? Yet another possibility may be to give your idea a dry run letting users or potential customers decide.


Are you tweeting your small business? The world seems divided between small business owners who really understand the revolutionary microblogging platform and those who just don’t see the point. Whether you get Twitter or feel it’s a waste of time for your business, you owe it to yourself to check out this post about the ways in which Twitter can be put to work for your small business venture.

Oh, and one more thing about Twitter. Ryan Taft has this great idea for boosting your Twitter marketing efforts. So, if your small business is effectively using Twitter to market products, services or brand identity, here’s a great way to improve your performance with one of the most popular social media tools. Catalyst Marketers


Marketing research with social media. This post looks at yet another way to use social media (in particular, Facebook) for your small business. Check out this suggestion for using Facebook for your next marketing survey helping collect important data to grow your venture.


Why your social media campaign isn’t making you money. Maverick marketer Andrew Lock explains why, if you’re trying to make sales with social media, you’re probably doing something wrong. On his Web TV show, Andrew reminds viewers that social media is a marketing and not a sales tool. Of course, others have insisted social media can be used to establish expertise and develop trust, potentially the beginning of the sales process.


How you can integrate social media with e-Commerce. Dimitri Onistsuk of Shopify gives us an overview of how e-commerce businesses can use social media to expand their market. Integrating into the social media landscape gives e-commerce companies the opportunity to access, as Onistsuk puts it, the “infinitely expanding audience” it offers. zippy cart

The art of digital schmoozing. David Siteman Garland shares this post and interview on the topic of being human with your social media interaction and what David calls “digital schmoozing” or the art of letting your personality come through when communicating to others in social media. The Rise To The Top


Does your business use app marketing? In our latest podcast, host Anita Campbell talks with Adam Boyden, president of Conduit, about what app marketing is and how it may work for your small business today. Like to learn more about this exciting new field? Stay tuned. Small Business Trends Radio

Is China your next market? Laurel Delaney argues that if gigantic companies are doing business in China, so should small businesses. Here’s what she’s learned by studying some of the global giants and what they can teach the little guy about international marketing and business. Open Forum Innovation


More credit crunch? Small businesses now face difficulty not just from banks that are being much more conservative with loans to small businesses, if they offer them at all, but also with suppliers who may cut back on credit without notice over the slightest suspicion that a customer may pose risks. More reason than ever to watch your company’s cash flow and become less reliant on credit. Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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  1. I like these wrap-up posts very much. You get a great overview of interesting links in a quick way.

  2. There are some terrific posts in here…

    I have used the Conduit toolbars in the past, and I’m anxious to keep learning how to use them as a marketing tool.


    The Franchise King

  3. Thank you for the ideas. I like one of using FB for survey purposes. Never though of that. Using that today!

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