November 26, 2015

Small Business News: Key To Success


What’s the key to success in your small business? Well, it could be any combination of factors but beginning to analyze what makes any business great can be a good way to mimic this in your own venture. In today’s Small Business Trends, we examine suggestions from small business experts around the Web about how to make your business the best it can be.


More than just a business. Kt Steppers is a mission to dedicated “Mompreneur” Katie O’Neill, who created her business in 2008 and built it around her creative knack for making child friendly items…and around her love for the children she at one time thought she might never have. Small Biz Stories

Wonder if your product is really unique? There are at least 56 ways to figure that out, according to Sarah Shaw (who ought to know from unique products.) Here she draws from her extensive community for a wide variety of suggestions that may help you decide whether you product or service really stands out. The Entreprenette Gazette


How do you create remarkable products? In this interview, Braden Kelly asks Seth Godin, author of Linchpin and Purple Cow, about the qualities that lead to accomplishing something innovative. The answers, the willingness to fail and the insight to make big changes in the way we do things, may surprise you. How could you apply them to your small business? Business Strategy Innovation

Isaac Asimov and the key to small business success. In this affectionate post inspired by a quote from the noted science fiction writer on the nature of success, business writer Yonatan Maisel reflects upon the most important quality needed to triumph in any endeavor. Though the blog may have changed the nature of publishing forever, persistence remains key to your small business venture. The Yonatan Maisel Blog


Getting your product to market in the online world. Once you have a remarkable product, it’s time to put it before customers in a remarkable way. With the reach and range of the Internet these days, there’s a good chance at least part of that effort will go on over the Internet. Check out this video explanation of how to get your online store up and running today and start selling your product in the global marketplace.

The importance of loyalty. Remember the customers you had when you started your business? Some may have drifted away and become less important to you over the years. But, for those who remain loyal, be sure their loyalty is repaid. Don’t forget them when your customer base begins to grow. Susan Oakes explains why. M4B Marketing


Using social media for your eCommerce site. If your store is online, your marketing efforts should be as well. But far from as simple as putting up a Website and sending out a couple of e-mails to friends so they’ll know it’s there, Internet marketing can be an involved business. The online world has become a competitive place and learning to market through several social media channels has become an important skill.

And how do you make sure social media is working for you? Well, TJ McCue has rounded up an amazing list of 195 social media measurement tools, some free some not, designed to do just that. Who says there’s no way to tell whether social media is worth the investment? These tools will give you the answers you seek. Sales Rescue Team


Online and off, interaction leads to success. A recent study shows that, of the small to medium sized businesses found online, interactors, those very actively involved in use of the technology to further their business online, have been the most successful. When you think about it, the same thing goes for businesses offline. Small Business Trends

Communicating with prospects. So how come those potential clients and customers don’t get it? Your product or service is the best and you’ve written all about it in your blog. Well, don’t loose heart. Maybe your product or service isn’t the problem. Your prospects are busy and maybe you haven’t been communicating with them the right way. B2B Marketing Smarts

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  1. I don’t see anything about finance and managing cash flow on here, which is equally important. Great companies that are growing too fast have failed too many times because they haven’t managed it properly.

  2. cool article but its a little hard to read all the case studies and examples. i guess i would have found it more informative and less distracting to actually have a more thorough summary of the specifics that each article described. Another achilles heel of entrepreneurs is time management and distraction so having ththe info on this page be meatier would work for me.
    thanks and take care

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