November 26, 2015

Small Business News: From The New Economy


The new economy is here and with it a different way of thinking about business. Some of the basics of using existing tools to increase productivity and harnessing the power of the Internet including social media have been part of the tool kit of small business for quite some time. However, seemingly permanent changes in the way business is being conducted seem to have pushed many of these techniques into the main stream. Here now, is the new face of small business and all business for the foreseeable future. It’s time to innovate:


Does your Website or blog really need a podcast? Hey, if you even need to ask this question, you should probably read this guest post from Bradford Shimp of All Business Answers. Bradford will not only tell you why you need a podcast he can also offer four pretty convincing reasons you’ll want to add one. But basically remember that a podcast offers a whole new dimension for interacting with your customer or audience. ProBlogger

And speaking of podcasts and the new economy.  Anita Campbell and co-host Brent Leary interview Open Forum director Jason Rudman about American Express’s remarkable new innovative online community. More than simply reinforcing the American Express brand, this award winning site has become an informative and educational hub for business people around the Web whether they happen to be American Express card holders or not. Listen in for a behind the scenes look at a new economy success story. Small Business Trends Radio

The coolest new platform is on the way. An Israeli firm Wibiya has created an interactive toolbar for your blog or Website that allows integration of Facebook, Twitter and other social media options. The toolbar allows a visitor to interact with these other social platforms without ever leaving your Website so its benefits to an online small business Web publisher are obvious. Also check out the interview on this post between Robert Scoble and Dror Cede of Wibiya for more on how the platform works. Ego

When it comes to surviving in the new economy, think online solutions. Using the many online tools already available to help your small business thrive, you can increase your productivity dramatically without added cost or added time reinventing the wheel. Where available and sometimes free applications are already available online to help you with your business be sure to avail yourself of them…or face the possibility your competition will. Deborah’s Biz Basics


Think you’ve got your head wrapped around this social media thing Well, social media can certainly be important, it’s true, but getting it wrong can actually result in damage to your small to medium sized business. So take time to educate yourself about how and why social media works. And both the good and not-so-good ways you can integrate it in your business. Small Business Trends

More than anything else, the new economy is about niches. It’ time to start dominating in your area of expertise. In this particular area you’ve carved out for yourself, you must do more than simply sell a product or service. You must be a leader. This is where the fun (and all the hard work) begins. Copyblogger

Like shortsighted strategy, short term thinking can ruin your business. What else can you offer your customers besides that one time sale? What could you do to keep them coming back to your business for more? What upgraded or added products or services could you offer to keep them from going to competitors? Let’s face it, one time sales are a harder on your business because they require more sales processes to bring in more cash flow. So what’s the alternative? M4B Marketing


One of the changes here to stay is the emerging green economy. Cristian Dorobantescu chats with Dennis Salazar, owner of a company marketing the Globe Guard Reusable Box, about the opportunities for small businesses, the path to innovation and the power of viral Internet marketing in an economy where even when things are tight, B2B business can turn on core values. What are your? Entrepreneurship Interviews


Web startups and early exits. Early exits are more popular for entrepreneurs and investors and less popular for Venture Capitalists. Entrepreneur Ben Yoskovitz argues that while occasional early exits for Internet startups are a great opportunity for founders to walk away with “life changing money” and may be a whole new trend in an industry that up until now has focused on creating the next Google. Instigator Blog


Want to learn more about the possibilities out there for your small business? The new economy can be a scary place, but there are also amazing opportunities everywhere you may not have seen before. Don’t let the opportunity slide by. A SmallBiz Social Media Summit sponsored in part by our sister site will provide online training and resources for all participants online in a special program planned for later this year. Stay tuned…BizSugar Blog

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  1. Thanks for the great information and links. As a real estate broker I can use the information to help survive this market.

  2. I really enjoy reading these small business news posts. Plenty of interesting reading in one place.

    Thank you very much for including my post on Wibiya toolbar. I like the new features they have added.

    As I have started a new series of podcast interview, I will read Bradford Shimp’s (guest blogger at ProBlogger) post, Does your Website or blog really need a podcast?, with great interest.

  3. Internet marketing is great for small businesses. The issue is that most small business owners do not have time to just site there blogging, tweeting, facebooking (if that is a real term, lol). The alternative is to hire an employee to handle social media. The issue with that is simple; results from internet marketing is often slow and most small business cannot justify paying someone 11-15 dollars per hours to perform this services. In the end the solution might lie in outsourcing this group of tasks. There are some great blogs and articles about how outsourcing helps small businesses. A good place to read these articles is the “Virtual Assistance For Small Businesses” group page on Facebook (!/group.php?gid=129717640378759)

    Chris Morancie

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