December 1, 2015

Small Business News: Online Marketing Moguls


Many small businesses today are started and run either entirely or partly online. And why not? Online businesses represent lower overhead, a cheaper way to market and easy, low cost startup. In today’s small business news roundup we look at tips, important resources, and ideas for small businesses online and off and consider how best to use the resources already available in the marketplace to run your business inexpensively and efficiently.


The most important part of marketing your online business? Keyword research to be sure your Website turns up in critical searches is the key to success or failure as an online entrepreneur. If your business is local, geo-tagging is critical, but so are keywords that attract the right kind of visitors interested in what your online business has to offer. Here are some of the top considerations when researching keywords for your business. JABEJA

Helpful stats for the online entrepreneur. Who is your target audience? Where do they hang out and what do they do online? Are you targeting users in a certain geographic area or located across the entire Internet? Answering these questions correctly requires meaningful data that will help you make the best decisions about attracting the right audience to your Website and turning them effectively into customers.

How to blog for small business. Does your business need a blog? You may have an inkling of how important a business blog can be in today’s online world, but how do you get one started and maintain it over time? And what are the key considerations when starting a blog for your business? Shashi Bellamkonda offers some great ideas and starting points. Small Business Trends


Postling builds tools for online small business. The new Web tool is designed to help small businesses who operate online monitor the many different location-based activities they must keep track of on the Web. To create a potential customer-base for Postling, co-founder David Lifson said the company turned to a community model similar to the one feeding craft giant Etsy. Business Insider

SEO tools for online business. Small businesses operated primarily or exclusively online promote their product, service or brand to search engines as well as to customers if they ever hope to succeed. After all, customers can’t purchase a product or click on an advertising link if they can’t find you Website. So here are some tools that should make getting found online much easier. Small Business Computing


Is more debt really the answer for small business? Another story from the mainstream media extoling the virtue of a proposed $30 billion government subsidy to encourage small business loans as a way to speed economic recovery. Yet, other sources insist many small businesses need more sales not more loans and that continued government spending like the proposed small business stimulus will only lead to higher taxes, less disposable income and thus less consumer spending.

More money spent to target small business. The U.S. isn’t the only place government actions may further harm small businesses that are key to the global economy’s overall recovery. The Australian Tax Office has revealed it will be using additional funds in its budget to target small businesses it believes may have underpaid on tax obligations as a result of the recession. The move is probably not good news for companies already hit hard and struggling to recover in tough economic times that may now need to worry about a government crackdown. ABC News


Sam’s Club tests small business loan program. Meanwhile, another player is introducing a small business loan program aimed specifically at so-called “Main Street” businesses but also with a strong online component. Emphasis will be focused on keeping monthly rates low with no penalty for early repayment.

Small business green grants from Intuit. Intuit is offering green grants to applicants dedicated to building more sustainable small businesses. Winners will receive $500 and a sustainability training course offered through the Kaplan EduNeering/Seventh Generation Sustainability Institute. Deadline for online nomination is 11:59pm PT, July 18. See the link above for details. The Intuit Small Business Blog


How to maintain your small business integrity. In 2008, Honest Tea, a company creating wholesome alternatives to the sugary drinks available in the mainstream beverage market, got a new partner, Coca-Cola. The giant soft drink manufacture now owns a 40 percent interest in a business known for natural products very far from Coca-Cola’s core product. So how does a small business deal with a hugely successful partnership and still retain the integrity of its product?

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  2. Internet marketing is a common trend that most small businesses and multinational corporations resolve to promote their products and services with, since it is cost-effective and highly accessible to consumers. However, when marketing a business on the web, business owners should know the importance of planning a website and web architecture. These factors should not be taken for granted because they can make or break one’s business. It is advisable that business owners, who opt to have a website, hire skilled web developers, preferably those who have good understanding of search engine optimization. SEO strategies when applied to the website can surely attract potential leads.

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