November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Social Media, SEO and Marketing


Small business in the Internet age is still about marketing. In this case much of that marketing takes place online. The tools you will use include social media and Search Engine Optimization. This Small Business Trends news roundup looks at both and the many methods of small business marketing online and off. Hope you find it helpful.

Social Media

Developing sales leads. Forget cold calling. Social media creates a whole new opportunity to develop sales leads for your small business. Want more details? Here are ten great ways your social media efforts can generate more sales leads for you. Sociatic

Sure, your social media campaign works. There’s just one problem. With all the time you’re spending on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, when are you ever going to have the time to run your business? So how do you fight social media overload…without loosing the benefits for your business. Patrice-Anne Rutledge.

Social media and perception. In a world where social media seems to keep us always in touch and up to date with one another, there are times when our perception might become a bit skewed. With Twitter, Facebook and blog posts automated in many cases, don’t assume the posts you see today mean a client or consultant is available 24/7. Or that they are wasting time maintaining their social media while they should be responding to your needs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and mobile marketing. Is Search Engine Optimization still an important factor when reaching your customers in an age of mobile marketing? It sure is. But the question is whether your SEO is properly set up to work for mobile devices. CIK Marketing

SEO and your Web designer. You already know you need an awesome online presence and now you need to find a knowledgeable Web designer to create the great online Web presence you need. But did you know that the way your Web design looks isn’t the only consideration when evaluating the work of a good Web designer? LunaMetrics


Is your business easy to find? Marketing is about visibility for your business and securing that visibility can be among the greatest challenges you will face in building a successful small venture. Here are five ways to make your business easy to find both online and off from rural business expert Becky McCray. Small Biz Survival

Are you marketing to the right customers? When creating a marketing campaign for your small business, be sure to determine not only whether you are targeting customers who need your product, but also those who have a desire to buy from you. Want more info on making that distinction? Check out Susan Oakes’s post on marketing to the customers who have the desire to buy from you. M4B Marketing


Marketing to investors. Marketing your small business can mean more than just selling your product to customers. It can mean selling your idea to angels or other investors, too. Blogger and entrepreneur Ben Yoskovitz insists one key aspect is not to pitch your solution too quickly. Instigator Blog


Talking to yourself. How can positive self-chatter, as Julie Anne Lawler calls it, be a help in life and business alike? Here are some lessons Lawler learned from her daughter and a book on tennis, of all things, that may help motivate you in your business too. Tweak Your Biz

Wish all your customers were normal? Alas, as Debra Templar explains, you’re going to need to deal with customers of all kinds during your small business career. You’ll forgive her if she deals primarily with the…er…challenging ones here. The Templar Group

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