November 27, 2015

Small Business News: The Entrepreneurial Odyssey


The greatest of all opportunities lies before us. Rescue the global economy from its sluggish torpor or worse yet from a possible double dip recession. Statistics say it won’t be the first time. Traditionally, small businesses have always dragged the economy from recession back to prosperity by creating jobs and growth. While weak consumer spending with the threat of tax increases even on the middle class remain major obstacles and talk of government stimulus is mere distraction, it’s time for small business owners to lead.


On quieting the lizard brain. It may be a prehistoric survival mechanism, but the fear and anger it generates…and the resistance to change or to doing something revolutionary, makes the lizard brain, as Seth Godin calls it, a danger to your future as an entrepreneur. How do you ignore that primitive drive that holds you back? How to you silence the lizard brain and move forward with your new business venture? Remem Me

Got what it takes to run a small business? Though small business owners may come in all shapes and sizes, are there characteristics they all have in common? A recent report indicates successful small business owners all share at least six significant traits, no matter what kind of business they opperate or what their motivation for getting involved with entrepreneurship. How do you measure up?


What’s the answer to jobs that won’t come back? Certainly increased entrepreneurship and small business activity are the key to job and economic growth. But how can small businesses grow effectively with tax increases threatening to stall growth and further damage consumer spending? Small businesses need lower taxes to encourage consumer spending instead of loans to stimulate growth. Yahoo! Finance

SBA funding drying up? If government stimulus is the answer, the economy may be in big trouble. The number of loans backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration is already declining as money from the program runs out. But what does our economy have to show for the loans? And what does it say about the success of government stimulus in the long run to cure economic problems rather than relying on entrepreneurs and small businesses to do it?

Why small business hasn’t some to the rescue. After early rhetoric about “too-big-to-fail” companies that needed to be bailed out at tax payer expense and a costly and potentially damaging overhaul of the financial industry, many experts and policymakers now seem conscious that small businesses are vital to pulling the national and global economy out of recession. So what’s holding things up? Consumer spending, that’s what. Los Angeles Times

Taxing schizophrenia? While the government talks a good game when it comes to stimulating growth in small business through more loans and selected tax breaks, it seems likely that taxes will go up soon, erasing any progress the stimulus effort may have made. Experts agree that the best chance of repairing the damaged economy and putting unemployed people back to work is to lower taxes…period. So how long will it take Washington to do it? The Heritage Foundation


Your small business and the cloud. If you haven’t heard of cloud computing, you’ve probably been living under a dialup modem for the last few years. But how can cloud computing help your business operate less expensively, more efficiently and appear bigger with more resources by utilizing this growing trend? Daily Dose

SEO for online small business. With the increased amount of business being done online and an ever growing emphasis on search marketing, Search Engine Optimization is no longer something small business owners can afford to ignore. What does it take to master SEO for your small business? Here are six tips to help get you started. Keoteric eSolutions

What do customers look for on a Website? Small business owners are faced with many considerations when getting their companies online. But possibly the most important is the one they never think about. What are your customers looking for when they arrive at your business Website? Here are ten important answers.


Want to aid small local business and the economy in the process? Check out the Buy Local Week campaign launched by the Council of Smaller Enterprises in Northeast Ohio. The event promises some interesting opportunities for small businesses and local customers alike and could easily be replicated in other communities. Could you set up a Buy Local Week campaign for the small businesses in your town? Positively Cleveland

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