November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Who’s Helping Your Business


Who’s in your small business corner? If your small business has no one to turn to, how can you work to improve your company’s opportunities on your own? Unfortunately much promised help for small business has not materialized and new regulation on the horizon will only make it harder for your business to expand. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools, tips, other business people and communities who can help your small business thrive. We’re dedicated to providing you with the answers you need in the daily small business news roundup from Small Business Trends and hope you’ll find it useful today.



What’s small business’s beef with Obama? Political blogger Joel Kotkin argues it’s not the business elite on Wall Street, angry Tea Party mobilizers or right wing pundits the Obama administration and a Democratic legislative majority need to be concerned about. It’s small business owners and mom and pop companies who might have led the nation out of recession. Business Insider


So, what has Washington really done for small business? Though the White House is blaming political opponents for holding up any legislation in support of small business recovery, a watchdog group says that’s just not the case. Whether you believe government funding for small business loans are the answer or not, the policy does not seem to be high on the agenda.


Government financial aid falling flat. Efforts to aid small business financing don’t seem to be working, at least based on a report by a Congressional Oversight Panel of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Despite multiple initiatives in an effort to jump start credit availability, there’s little proof any of these efforts have been effective. Small Business Trends




More from the report on small business aid. The Congressional Oversight Panel of the Troubled Asset Relief Program has published a full report on multiple efforts to revive small business financing and its effectiveness or lack there of. Read the complete document with all the details at the link above. Congressional Oversight Panel


Why bank loans aren’t the key to small business recovery. If you’ve done nothing but pay attention to traditional media for the last couple of months, you might be under the impression that lack of adequate loans are the only thing holding back small businesses and economic recovery. Want to hear the other side of the story?




Small business hiring still not returning. Small business hiring hasn’t returned as fast as some might have hoped. Anita Campbell takes a look at this troubling trend and how it bodes in an atmosphere in which small businesses are being looked to as the key to job creation in the depths of recession. Fortunately, there is a bright spot. Read the full article. Open Forum Innovation




The trouble with word of mouth. Everyone knows word of mouth marketing is important to small business. But what makes good word of mouth…or worse yet bad word of mouth? Yikes! The real secret to getting the word of mouth you want, of course, is to be careful what you promise. Seth Godin’s Blog


Sharing small business news as marketing strategy. Sharing small business news, information and tips can be more than simply helpful. If done through your favorite social media network, there can be a great benefit to sharing not only the content from your own blog but articles, resources and blogs from others. Check out the post and a video from Tweak Your Biz contributor Greg Fry. BizSugar Blog




What do you look for in a business idea? Ideas can be simple and still be successful. Look at Matt Moman and his lime bottle opener. The product caught the attention of a larger licensing partner in Corona beer. How does Matt’s idea inspire you with the importance of a simple yet powerful concept that marries branding and marketing to perfection? Open Forum Innovation




Small business startups are declining. A global outplacement and executive coaching firm says its survey of job seekers shows more people seeking employment over entrepreneurship in the first half of 2010. A still feeble economy and poor small business optimism index are partly blamed. Do these numbers impact your outlook for your small business plans? WSJ

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    Where’s that with small business? Most often times entrepreneurs, small busnesses and such don’t have an in house IT support team, they best they have is Google or “cousin Fred” … thoughts?

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    this is one of any small business or entrepreneur’s big issues. But Google is really great and you can actually solve most of your problems after a few searches. We can’t expect both: running a small business on a budget and tech support.

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  3. Very informative post for those who have invested in a small business in any industry. It is true that small business are often successful but for this you need to know how to promote it properly. Hope to find such more useful articles.

  4. It looks like the Senate this week is finally considering the small business bill, which only means good things for thousands of small and medium businesses. Read alliantgroup’s ( take on the bill and how its tax relief efforts will help both small and medium businesses and the American people.

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