November 27, 2015

Small Business News: Your Social Media Brand


If social media is a new generation of marketing/PR/(insert your own description here), than figuring out how to integrate the power of social media into your small business brand is probably a key step for marketing in both the online and offline world. Social media may have many aspects and is still evolving, but in the end, it is still about building community. How can you make your brand part of the community of potential customers, clients, partners, suppliers and followers? Our daily small business news update has the latest from around the Web.


How are you branding your social media? Using social media gives small business a tremendous marketing advantage but how can you use branding to enhance your social media efforts? These videos give great ideas about branding in general. How can you apply these ideas to this new marketing and networking tool? Brand Ideas

Social media and the new branding. Social media presents a challenge to old school branding, as Lisa Barone explains in this post on the conundrum faced by the traditional news media when leaping into this exciting new field. How do you embrace the “edgy” new world of social media without the risk of unexpected consequences? You don’t. Outspoken Media

Promoting your small business with social media. Drawing ideas for marketing in the social media from social media, in this Twitter interview, SmallBizLady Melinda Emerson and Liana “Li” Evans, the “online marketing geek girl”, discuss the basics of harnessing the power of this new tool for the marketing and branding of your business. Building Your Business


Strengthening e-mail marketing with social media. Think social media has displaced e-mail marketing? Think again. According to this post from John Jantsch, e-mail marketing still retains the highest ROI of any online marketing tactic. Listen to John’s podcast interview with Gail Goodman, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Constant Contact, a leading e-mail marketing firm, about the connection between social media and e-mail marketing and how that connection can work for you. Duct Tape Marketing


Social media is about building community. Business owners who launch a social media presence may be under the impression that this tool is mainly for straight marketing or sales. Certainly, social media can be used as both, but the real key to success in this expanding field is building community. Here are some steps from BizSugar that should work with almost any social media format you may wish to use for your small business. BizSugar Blog


More on video marketing. Several days ago we posted a set of resources on video for entrepreneurs entitled “The YouTube Entrepreneurs”…and got a nice comment from the folks at in the bargain. Here’s a post on the amount of video currently shared outside the biggest online video site. Much video is now viewed in the social media as well, a new way to brand your efforts in that arena.

Getting Started

Who has time for social media? Here are three tips to help integrate your new communications platform into a small business routine. Don’t assume you don’t have time to do what it takes to get the message out. Make a list of ways you can build social media into your regular small business tasks. Make social media a part of your business just as you would PR, advertising and other marketing as a way to continue the stream of new customers, partners and clients through your door. Postling

OK. What’s next? So, you’ve come to terms with the importance of social media for your small to medium sized business. But what’s the next step on the road to implementing a real social media strategy, one with all the detail and commitment needed to really deliver the impact your small business can realize with a social media presence? Let Rob Chant take you through the steps to figuring out how to really make social media work for your business and your brand.


Want to know about social media and small business? Check out this survey of small business owners that also may give you some insight into the breakdown of all users. Regardless of gender, social media use is on the rise. If this is where your customers are headed, how can you use this data to your advantage? Oh, and while we might all suspect a difference in social media adoption based on age, the survey indicates the differences mainly have to do with how social media is used by audiences of different ages. Roundpeg

Link Building

Link building expertise. Link building remains inherently social, regardless of the expertise brought to the table by Search Engine Optimization experts. But before you can afford a high powered firm to do your SEO, it doesn’t hurt to understand the basics… or maybe even a step beyond? This admittedly long interview or series of interviews with the “best minds” in link building, can help you figure out what’s hot, what’s not and, perhaps most importantly, what really will work for your marketing efforts to get your small business or Website found. Outspoken Media

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