November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Better Business Basics


What are the basics that will make your business better today? Small business need to utilize technology as perhaps never before but also to understand their own unique niche. From better business blogs to better project management, today’s roundup looks at how to make your business better and the many tools and tips that can help you on your way.


Creating a better small business blog. What qualities should your small business blog have? What Search Engine Optimization techniques, writing style or other important factors go into creating an effective small business blog? You may be surprised. Jim’s Marketing Blog

Online coupon marketplace for small business. Groupon offers a wide variety of services useful to your small business. This product review from Prasad Thammineni looks at seven possible uses for the service in yours. Small Business Trends

Updating PCs in your small business? There are a lot of choices out there to make the most of the technology resources available for your small business. A talk with an expert can give you a place to begin. Check out the above post for more. Ask Jack Blog


What kinds of businesses can benefit from online marketing? Just about any kind, according to Google. Take the example of Luna and Larry Kaplowitz, founders of Coconut Bliss non-dairy, organic ice cream. Read more about their story. Google Small Business Blog

How local search benefits your small business. Some interesting data shows how important local search has become for marketing your small business. There is also some data on the importance of local search even in emerging fields like mobile. V3 Integrated Marketing


How do you handle project management? How your company handles projects is key to any small business’s success. Yet, so many small business owners still have difficulty with project management in their small business efforts. Have a project management tool you’d like to recommend? WebWorkerDaily

What’s the most important aspect of small business? Understanding your business model and how to accomplish what you say you will do is the key. Questions about how much money you will need, when it is time to turn over some of your responsibilities to someone else etc. all depend on your business and how well you understand it? So what are some of the key things to consider? Chris Pirillo


Marketing stunts: The real story. Everyone knows marketing is about getting attention. But there is more to ingenious marketing so importrant to the success of small businesses, than simply a clever stunt. Here is some documentation of stunts that worked and those that didn’t to help you plan your marketig campaign.


Small business optimism down…again? Is it a good idea to keep looking at the level of optimism among small businesses as the economy continues to flounder? Whether it’s a good idea or not, we’re likely to continue to hear the reports. So, if you’re in small business, best to take it all in stride. There’s likely more bumps ahead. WSJ

Lending standards loosening. Whether or not small business lending is the key component to growth, at least one report indicates that banks may be loosening their lending requirements for small business. What will this mean to you? Read more. NPR

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