November 26, 2015

Small Business News: Entrepreneurial Innovation


A level of innovation rarely possible before is happening thanks to new tools and a rapidly changing business environment. Read through our Friday roundup and become inspired by the possibilities for your entrepreneurial innovation. These tips could change your business.

Online Elements

Can’t get Twitter followers? It’s not as hard as you may think, but there may be simple things you are doing wrong that are keeping folks from following you on Twitter. Or worse yet, starting to unfollow? Before things get any worse, consider this simple guide. The Torch

It’s all about your content. When Stoney deGeyter talks about a Website that “gets some action”, he’s talking about one that causes readers to make a purchase, download some information, make a request or contact you. In short, your Website should call your visitors to action and the content should make it happen. Search Engine Guide

Facebook may be a huge benefit for small business, but… Unfortunately, according to small business blogger and consultant Joel Libava, it’s also a gigantic privacy issue to the point where Libava has begun to question whether it’s really worth it. What could Facebook learn from small business about the importance of customer service? What would you do if you got a letter from a customer like this? The Franchise King

Marketing Magic

Online and offline work hand in hand. We’ve reported before about the continuing importance of using print marketing independent of online marketing efforts. Here is some important data about the impact “old-school” catalogs can have on increasing online sales. SeeWhy

Do you use e-mail marketing? Well if so you may want to consider this advice about how to create irresistible e-mail subject lines, perhaps the most important line you will ever write in a marketing e-mail. From the guy who knows all about irresistible copywriting, Brian Clark. Copyblogger

Don’t collect spam lists. Nick Simpson claims to have many e-mail lists with thousands of subscribers who all eagerly receive his messages and have never complained of being spammed. So, what is this guy doing that other e-mail marketers are not. Professional Online Marketing

Expert Advice

Small business online advertising. Want to know the key to online advertising for your small business? To begin with, geo-targeting will help you hit the audience in your region and avoid high advertising costs that waste your resources while audiences outside your regional market. sm4biz

Should you hire a lawyer or got it alone? Just how important is an attorney to navigating the intricacies of your small business startup? An attorney will certainly bring a level of expertise and information to your startup efforts. But hiring an attorney during the startup phases of your small business will also add to your overall costs as you figure out your budget and business model. Business.Gov

Business Basics

What are the greatest challenges facing your online business? Well, it may not be any of the things you think. Certainly the same challenges that face any small business startup apply. But when you decide to work at home, you may also face a range of challenges different from those of other entrepreneurs. Here is a list with some ideas for coping.

The Small Business Trends interview. We’re proud to share this interview with Anita Campbell, editor of Small Business Trends, about our online publication reaching an estimated 300,000 readers per month. Hope you find it entertaining and informative. Thanks Anita! PostLing

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