November 30, 2015

Small Business News: Innovation Transformation


Innovation is transforming just about every business today and especially small businesses that can quickly harness emerging new tools to change the rules of the game in competing with their larger counterparts. In this Small Business Trends roundup we look at some of those innovations and changes and how they are altering reality and perception for small business.


Getting great business ideas on the road. When traveling outside of your home community or out of the country, carefully study the businesses that are outside your usual realm of experience. See if any big ideas jump out at you and bring those ideas back into your home market. Introduce new concepts from outside your community and innovate Open Forum Innovation

Transform your Website into a selling tool. Small Business expert Kim Gordon talks about the importance of concentrating on a Web presence whether or not you sell products or services online. A Website, Kim says, is the first place customers will go to find out about your company even if it’s only to research more about you. The Web presence should include video, blogs and message boards that will keep them coming back for more.

When will cloud computing be the norm? The emerging concept of cloud computing promises an environment in which small businesses cease buying or licensing software only to have that software become quickly obsolete requiring additional expense just to keep up. Instead businesses would pay to use software “in the cloud” sharing services with other businesses and paying for only what they use, but some things need to occur before this concept can really take off. Open Forum Innovation


Who is your ideal customer? Sarah Shaw suggests some ideas for picturing an ideal customer or client and then draws upon her extensive network of small business connections to share 28 additional ideas for reaching that ideal market. The Entreprenette Gazette


Make distances disappear and increase productivity. Check out this demonstration of a video conferencing solution that allows small businesses to connect as never before. Check out the post and a demonstration of the technology in a video conference from New Jersey to Florida. Could your small business benefit from these tools?


Want to get great ideas for your next small business startup? Penelope Trunk has these seven suggestions for preparing to create your next business venture. Check out this post together with scenes and thoughts from Penelope’s new life on a farm that non-the-less should translate just fine to your small business world. Enjoy! Brazen Careerist


Is Facebook a must-have for small business. It may once have been for connecting with friends and family, but today the value of Facebook to small business is undeniable. How do you stay top of mind with clients and customers and give prospects a chance to get to know you better? Facebook is one obvious answer. Solo Entrepreneur

A survey shows confidence in small business high. No matter how confident small businesses are in their own future, Americans are three times more confident in small businesses than they are in big ones. The survey shows that while 66 percent of respondents showed “a great deal” of confidence versus 19 percent who say the same about corporate giants. What are your thoughts? How much confidence to you have in small business. Gallup

Best practices and tips for your business Website. Don’t make designing your small business Web presence too complicated. The basics behind creating a small business Website that will earn you customers are simple and Ross Kimbarovsky has distilled them into these 10 simple tips. CrowdSpring

Does your small business need a blog? Well, yes, and in this post on his own blog, Mario tells you why. But first watch a video from Seth Godin and Tom Peters, and find out why a blog can help you…no matter who reads it. Mario Sundar

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