November 30, 2015

Small Business News: Marketing Mix


Like it or not, a successful small business means good marketing. Who wants the product or service you offer? How much do they want it and are they ready to buy? These are all important questions to answer, and marketing can help. Remember, it isn’t about cramming products down people’s throats. You’ll need a simple way to communicate in an increasingly digital world and strategies for cutting through the noise to talk to the people who are interested in what you have to offer. Feedback is also helpful as a part of the marketing process, so don’t forget it as part of your campaign.


Five ways to make your business more social today. You’ve probably heard all about the importance of social media for your small business. Valued for both marketing and networking, social media can change the way you do business and the way customers interact with you. Need a place to start? Check out this post that will take you through the beginning steps to get you on your way. BizSugar Blog

Does your brand create a mood? Just as returning to a place you haven’t visited in years can suddenly bring back all the memories and experiences you had there, a brand can create all sorts of emotions and reactions in a group you are targeting in your marketing campaign. How do you create the right mood or infuse your brand with the kind of emotion that will keep your customers and clients coming back? Seth Godin’s Blog

Marketing that new small business blog. OK, so your small business finally has a new blog. But before it can start working for you doing some of the heavy lifting of spreading your message online, you’ve also got to get the word out about your blog. Here are some tips that should get you started. Business Blog Consulting


If you think social media is just for one way marketing, forget it. In fact, Lee Odden argues one major use of social media by businesses today is to gain insight into their market as well . And Odden argues that adding online surveys to your social media mix will further enhance the insight and data your business can collect. Top Rank

Why is customer feedback so darn scary? Susan Oakes argues part of the reason may be that we tend to take any negative responses very personally instead of simply looking at them as an opportunity to improve our product, service or brand. Looked at in that way, why wouldn’t you ask for feedback? M4B Marketing


A company by any other name. So, how much difference does it really make what you name your company? We’ve been told by some that the name we choose can be incredibly important because it should convey our brand, grab people’s attention and say something about our product or service in one fell swoop. But according to at least one business expert, if you’ve done any pondering at all on the matter, you’ve probably already spent two much time on the decision. Inc.

Book Shelf

“Broke USA”: A review. Join Pierre DeBois in this review of an expose on Subprime lending and its effect on the economy. The economic downturn that upended some of the giants on Wall Street and still has plenty of small to medium sized businesses struggling, had its start with a business model that would bring the U.S. and global economy to its knees. The book looks at the case from the point of view of marketing and ethics, an important study for business people of every stripe. Small Business Trends

“Plugged”: A business novel? Louie Strike reviews this book by Krissi and Dan Barr with the subtitle “Dig Out and Get the Right Things Done,” great advice for every small business owner and, according to Louie, a great read as well. Take a look. Small Business Trends


The women entrepreneurs are coming. The women entrepreneurs are coming. A report suggests a wave of women entrepreneurs are on the way, especially in the tech industries, and it’s about time. Those familiar with this segment of the economy have long complained of the absence of a proportionate number of women as compared with men in the field, meaning a whole segment of the population and the creativity they can bring to the table has been missing. Fortunately, it won’t be that way for long.

How seed investing really works. One of the leaders in the industry, Seth Levine at VC firm The Foundery, describes the seed funding process as he takes us through the startup of one of his firm’s own investments in Trada, a company that helps manage search marketing campaigns. Learn more in this great blog post. VC Adventure

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