December 1, 2015

Small Business News: Small Biz Connection


Small business connection has always been a key component of success, connecting with customers, with prospects, with partners, with suppliers. But in a new digital world the tools of communication have evolved into vast networks allowing small businesses to reach far beyond their home town, their broader community, even sometimes beyond their home country to a global community of diverse composition. Entrepreneurs who see these connections merely as a way to advertise as they did in the old media of television or radio are missing a much bigger picture. Small business connections are as important as ever, but in some cases they are larger, more powerful and reach further than ever before. How are you connecting with your small business today?


Getting Connected


Promoting your business blog. One of the most basic ways to make small business connections with the new tech tools available to just about every entrepreneur today is with the blog. But having a big, successful blog promoting what you hope will be a big successful business may start by thinking very small. Cindy Lavoie explores the paradoxical world of successful blog marketing in this post. Sound Web Solutions Blog


Reaching out to community. Though career consultant Greg Fry is speaking mainly to job seekers here, most or all of his advice is equally applicable to small business owners attempting to reach out and get connected using tools like LinkedIn in an increasingly interconnected world. Follow Greg’s ideas and ask yourself how each point might apply to building connections for your small business. Tweak Your Biz


Creating a tribe of your own. Here Niall Devitt goes one step further in part two of a tutorial on building your own online group. Beyond networking and making connections with others, at some point you’ll want your own followers too. A larger group can make it easier to spread your message and share ideas and in the end is better for your personal and business branding as well. Tweak Your Biz


Social Strategies


It can’t happen here? Well, actually, maybe it can. Think your small business won’t face the scrutiny of a BP or a Toyota? As John Sternel points out…”even if you’re not on the radar of 60 minutes or the NBC Nightly News, social media today puts you on their radar even if you bake cookies in a little town. Understanding Marketing

Where to begin. You know you need a social media strategy in an increasingly connected business universe. To ignore the tools of this new marketing and PR medium will loose you business and opportunities at best and could end up costing your business its brand, reputation and core market at worst. So, when approaching social media, where do you get started? And how do you develop an approach that’s right for you? Noobpreneur


Tools & Traits


Learning the basics of content marketing. A new connected world has also led to a new kind of marketing. And that marketing is based on drawing your potential customers and clients in and calling them to action. How has a new connected world informed and transformed the world of marketing forever? The basics can be found in a simple strategy for a non-profit community in this case study. Content Marketing Institute


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Despite all the technological changes that transform how we build the communities critical for our small businesses today, how much of what we do remains the same as the bedrock basics of building a community (or a business) have always been? Quite a lot actually, argues Jeremiah Staes, who also compares the qualities of a community to those of a classic Motown group in this inspiring post. Portage Digital Media


Use crowdsourcing to build your business. Sure, is our baby here at Small Business Trends. We own and operate the site and are proud of the content being built there. But communities like BizSugar also represent another way businesses can become connected, locate resources and reach relevant audiences like never before. Are you searching out the social media communities in your niche market that can transform your small business? BizSugar Blog


Brave New World


Are you too connected? Host David Siteman Garland talks to Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing about dealing with one of the most important technology tools that launched the digital revolution. Are you overwhelmed with e-mail in a way that is actually damaging your productivity? Greater connectivity comes with a price. Here’s how to regain control. The Rise To The Top

Technology: Changing small business forever? After a post about the importance of connections that would never have been possible before the emergence of the social media, we are forced to ask ourselves the question. Is technology changing small business forever? In his post, Joel Libava does a bit more musing on our behalf, but, of course, the answer is obvious. The Franchise King



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  1. Wow great article. I agree that staying connected with all aspects of your business from your employees, your supply chain, and above all, your customers. Great advice on how to achieve it!

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