November 30, 2015

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Small business is very much in the news this week, as never in recent memory has there been so much expectation resting on small business owners and entrepreneurs to lead the way. With plenty of data repeated regularly in the mainstream press, there is ample information showing small businesses are the glue that holds the national and world economy together and that the key to economic recovery is through the activity of small business. Then why do we still seem to have no clue how to make things easier on our small biz saviors?

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Small businesses are vital. In fact, in this interview with every business blogger must understand when it comes to search engine marketing. In the “three C’s” of small business, the closest Mills gets to acknowledging the problem we’ve repeatedly pointed to here at Small Business Trends–lack of business likely to be made worse by looming tax increases beginning next year–is to say that the administration is working to make sure small businesses get adequate share of government contracts. USA Today


Will a tax credit really lower your healthcare costs? Supporters of the controversial Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act continue to insist the new law includes a provision that will award eligible businesses a 35 percent tax credit on the costs of their healthcare premiums. What supporters fail to mention is that the tax credit is no incentive at all if a small business is not currently able to afford any healthcare coverage for its employees at all. The Third Age


Yet another small business survey. This one by the Center for Rural Affairs and its Rural Enterprise Assistance Project, which also projects that what most small business need is money. If we interpret this as cash flow from ongoing business operations, we couldn’t agree more, but again it seems the survey pushes the money-for-capital issue. Surely, most entrepreneurs, if asked, would say they need more money to take things to the next level. Whether this additional capital will help if no customers emerge as a result of a worsening market is another matter.


Small business hiring slows. Two surveys say the outlook of small business owners has grown gloomier in recent days. And while small businesses were hiring it was at a slower pace than earlier this year. Concerns among small business leaders include a second recession, cash flow worries and what some say is a worsening economy. MarketWatch


SEO basics for your business blog. A discussion on Search Engine Optimization and business blogs on the BizSugar small business news and social media site last week resulted in this post by Dublin-based SEO and search marketing consultant Alastair Kay about the basics of marketing your blog to the search engines and how decisions about linking protocol can play a role. SiteStream


Say hello to Google RealTime. Unlike any search that has come before, Google RealTime serves up results from within not only the minutes but within seconds (almost real time) and not just from blogs and other Websites but from your latest Twitter or Facebook entry as well. Check out this basic run down of the new applications features. But the real question that remains? What will this mean to your business? Canuck SEO


They’re off and running! Today marked the beginning of the second SugarTone Sweet Blogging Contest, this time with the theme “Making your business amazing.” There is still time for you to get involved with the possibility of winning a first prize of $350 and a second prize of $250, both from Hewlett-Packard, the sponsor of the competition. Visit the link above for more details about how to participate or visit to browse and vote for the posts already published. Tweak Your Biz

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“Conquer the Chaos.” Ivana Taylor shares a review of this book about the Infusionsoft story by entrepreneurs Clate Mask and Scott Martineau about how their business began to really take off when they found a way to address a client’s needs. Small Business Trends


“KaChing.” It may be the first thing any online entrepreneur thinks about when he/she first ventures into the online world. How can I make money simply from my Website or blog? The answer may be both easier and harder than you think. Margie Zable Fisher gives us her review of the book from entrepreneur Joel Comm. Small Business Business Trends


Small Business Technology Tour 2010. The event will be happening in five cities across the U.S. between Sept. 28 and Nov. 9 and will provide an opportunity to network, speak with experts and with technology venders for your small business. Best of all we’ve got 10 free tickets to give away. Small Business Trends

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  1. I enjoy these posts Anita. One note on small business hiring — saw a post today in the Washington Business Journal that says small businesses actually saw “modest gains.” Thought you and your readers might be interested:
    Small business hiring up 4.1% this year

  2. This economy is tough and the way they plan on fixing issues with taxes is making it harder for small businesses. The health care reform doesn’t make things easier as well.

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