November 26, 2015

Small Business News: Your Million Dollar Idea


What’s your million dollar small business idea? Oh, rest assured, we all have one…just waiting to break free. So what’s holding us back? In this edition of our small business news roundup, Small Business Trends looks at what it takes to develop and launch that big idea we all have inside.


Want to make millions with your small business? Is your ego holding you back from making a success you believe you are capable of? Are you too worried about what people think of you? Too afraid to stand out? If you’re not creating a reaction, you’re making a mistake, says Jim Kukral, author of Attention! This Book Will Make You Money. Getting reaction from customers is the key and this book will show you how. Small Business Trends Radio

What are the greatest brands in American history? And what can they teach small business owners about creating a winning brand for their products or services today? The brands discussed include some of the most iconic images in the world. What about your company’s brand catches your customer’s imagination and makes them a loyal fan? 24/7 Wall St.

50 great ideas for small business marketing on Twitter. You’ve doubtless heard of the gigantic marketing success some businesses (particularly small businesses) have experienced with Twitter, the 140 character micro blogging platform. Here are some ideas to make your small business marketing effort successful too. Jessica Swanson

Online Video

Want to get the attention of 70 percent of global Internet users? Then you should be using video. Want to transform your marketing message into a format guaranteed to get the attention of online customers? Use a medium data suggests they cannot ignore. Use online video to market your next small business idea. WebProNews

Want to learn more about the power of video for your marketing message? If you want to discover how video will transform your marketing message, helping you in your struggle to attract attention in your marketing online, check out a recent survey by the Nielson organization that looks at global video consumption and some of the implications. nielsonwire

Social Media

Using Facebook to build your brand. Here are five tips for using the world’s leading social media Website to generate attention for your business. Darren Rowse uses FB to engage readers increasing attention and traffic on his Websites and in this post he explains how he did it so you can do the same. ProBlogger

Your great idea no longer needs a custom Website. The online marketing side of a great idea is easier than ever, as one marketing consultant explains. With open sourced blog platforms there is no need to keep your great idea a secret for long…or design the perfect Website to launch it. CIK Marketing


Great ideas challenge you to fill in the gaps. Startup and community building guru Sujan Patel talks about his experience as a solution builder and explains the source of many of his greatest ideas. Can you meet the challenge of developing an idea that will fill in the gaps in a customer’s needs? Then you may already have the beginnings of a great idea. Youngentrepreneur


The art of explaining. No matter how great your idea is, it won’t get far if you don’t have a way of telling everyone about it. That’s what online content marketing is all about, and if you don’t think all of that is necessary to win folks over to your new idea, Jennifer Van Iderstyne is here to set you straight. SearchEngineWatch

Get plenty of great advice. The best ideas emerge as the entrepreneur draws from many different sources to create an innovative solution. Entrepreneurs are well known for their studied approach to creating an answer for any problem (that great idea) and here is a list of 20 small business blogs that will help you on your way. Small Business Trends is very proud to be included in the list. The Business Insider

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