December 1, 2015

Small Business News: An Owner’s Manual


If only there were an owner’s manual that came with your small business telling you what works, what doesn’t and what are the best ways to move ahead in your entrepreneurial venture. Alas, in most cases you created your own small business from scratch learning as you went. We do our best, however, every weekday to comprise some of the best small business advice on the Net here on the Small Business Trends news roundup. We hope you’ll take what you find helpful to build your business and create an owner’s manual of your own along the way.


How do you avoid small business burnout? Let’s face it. Burnout is a real possibility for many entrepreneurs especially in the early solopreneur stage of your venture. If you’re good at managing your time perhaps this is not something you worry about. For the rest of us, there’s this post. Longer Days


Is the future of the Internet really mobile? You’ve heard or read all the hype. You may even be convinced by the number of mobile handheld devices out there and by the directions you’re seeing in your own business that the future of the Internet is indeed mobile. Not so, says marketing expert James Gardner who says that while mobile technology may be the latest trend, it doesn’t tell us what we truly need to know as marketers and content providers about the future of the Web. B2B Marketing Online

Why telecommuting can be a HUGE savings for your business. Mark Harkebe, director of content development with a Chicago-based company, said he originally wanted to title this post “I’ve Saved Over Two Barrels of Oil by Working from Home” but eventually settled on a more conservative title. But, of course, as you’ll see from Mark’s statistics, he’s not the only one who benefited from the bargain. Winning Workplaces


How to use Google Analytics and AdSense to tweak your online store. Calibrating an online store to increase conversion or sales can be a challenging task. Traffic to your site is one thing but purchases (presumably based on visitors finding what they are looking for when they arrive) are another. One solution is to take advantage of the period immediately after your site is launched when traffic remains low to figure out what really makes visitors convert into customers.

How to make your business remarkable? Is your small business the same as your competitors? Do you fail to look for the ways that you can distinguish yourself from everybody else doing the exact same thing you are? If not, no matter how good you are at producing your product or service, you’re ending up being very bad at your business. Making your business remarkable may not be as hard as it sounds, says Stoney DeGeyter. Here are his suggestions to move you in the right direction. Search Engine Guide


Small Business: The Grad School of Life. Tim Jahn interviews Jill Felska and Jenn Korducki who founded Pop! Social Media after quitting their jobs at a larger firm. Jill and Jenn’s theory, that they could learn much more from what they call the “grad school of life” by starting a company of their own that allows them to do many of the things it might have taken them much longer to gain experience in as emloyees at a larger business. Beyond the Pedway


Your most important small business tool is between your ears. Yep, we’re talking about your brain here, folks, and it just could be the most important tool in your arsenal as an entrepreneur. You see, thinking creatively and thinking through the problems that arise in your business is a key to becoming successful at what you do. No matter what your niche or market, here are four creative thinking tools that will help you get the most out of your most important resource. Epic Launch

Blogging and social media rules for small business. As a small business, you’ll, of course, want to engage in blogging and social media marketing, two powerful ways of distinguishing your brand and what you do. It’s important to understand that there are a great many things about your business, online and off, that you cannot control. What you can control is your own content and the message you choose to convey. Smart Social Pro

Social Media

Don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter. Besides LinkedIn and these two front runners there are many other options out there to network and market your small business. In fact, blogger Valentine Belonwu has assembled a list of 92 top social networking sites that may be effective for your business in 2010. (He’s even included our own and we’re, of course, flattered.) Valentine’s also supplied some great summaries to give you a bit more on the value of each site and how it might work for your business. Big Money Web

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