November 28, 2015

Small Business News: Facebook Phenomenon


The Facebook phenomenon may be the most important to small businesses on the Web currently, even if other tools like Twitter are sometimes more talked about. The importance and the reach of this giant among social media platforms cannot be underestimated. To ignore it is to ignore a gigantic potential audience and to bypass a huge and active community while trying to build a community of your own. Ignoring Facebook is probably simply not in your small business’s best interest. But understanding how this huge community works and can work for you is a challenge as well.


Know how to use Facebook marketing for your business? Think of it as everything you ever wanted to know about marketing your small business with Facebook but were afraid to ask.  Travis Allison of Walking Maverick Consulting and stuffed it all into this neat presentation to help you understand what may be the most unprecedented marketing opportunity available for small business since Google search. slideshare

Five tips for marketing your small business with Facebook or other social media. In this second presentation, Allison uses his personal experience marketing his own photography business and programs for children on a very slim budget. The key takeaway? Facebook ads may be as worthwhile or more than Google AdSense for specific targeting. Listen to the whole talk above. Walking Maverick Consulting


More Facebook marketing tips. Add this to your list of suggestions about how to leverage Facebook (and really any social media platform) effectively for your small business. No social media tools exist in a vacuum in out Web 2.0 world so remember that Facebook is not an island and using it effectively takes a larger strategy as well. Social Media Marketing Blog

Facebook pages: What kind does your small business need? So, you know you need s Facebook presence for your small business. Now the only question remains, what kind of Facebook page should you create? Beyond a simple profile page, there are several options to choose from and here guide Randy Duermyer gives us a birds eye view…and arrives at a not too surprising conclusion. Read and make up your own mind.


Facebook places the new place to be? If you’re having some trouble wrapping your brain around a new Facebook feature called places please understand. It will probably completely change the concept of the local fan page. Need a better way to conceptualize the experience? Think foursquare meets FB and you’ll be heading in the right direction. What will this mean to your business? Read on. Small Business Trends

Oh, the places you’ll go. Yes, Facebook’s launch of its new places feature is big, big, big. (Earth shattering really, including what it will mean for small businesses already marketing themselves or planning to market themselves in this giant social media community.) How will it work? What kinds of businesses, marketers and marketing campaigns will be most successful. It may be too early to tell with certainty, but Dan Frommer has even more on this new development. Open Forum Technology


Facebook ads for your bricks and mortar. This Florida-based entrepreneur with an…um…unorthodox style has dumped literally all of his other more traditional forms of marketing (radio advertising, print advertising, billboards and TV) in favor of social media marketing including FB to draw attention to his chain of tanning salons, a bricks and mortar business though it includes an online shopping component. Read as he explains the differences between the ads he uses and what each will do for your business.

Facebook on Facebook? Social media consultant and Web Marketing consultant Larry Brauner opens up the topic (and what better place to have the discussion) of whether every small business including yours needs Facebook marketing these days in order to survive. The answers and the discussion may surprise you but we also think you’ll find it stimulating. Larry Brauner’s Facebook Page


Everybody’s doing it. In the end, the best reason for your small business to be on Facebook is that, increasingly, it’s where everybody else is. And that includes your customers! A recent ComScore report shows the social media leviathan unseating even the mighty Google in terms of the most popular destination in cyberspace. Can you really afford not to have a location in the most popular spot on the Internet? cnet news

Increasingly Facebook may also be a place for small businesses to get answers. Forget marketing for the moment. Just as huge search engine companies like Google once were the portal to all the information an entrepreneur might need, soon small business owners may be visiting FB for many of the same reasons. Microsoft announced its new Ask the Experts on Facebook recently and similar resources are sure to follow. The new page is the Facebook home for Microsoft SmallBiz Partners. Stop by and say hello. Small Business Blog from Microsoft

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