December 1, 2015

Small Business News: Social Media Power!


If you haven’t figured it out, gotten on board, jumped on the bandwagon (pick your own expression)…well, we’re not going to try to talk you into it. Just be aware of the incredible value social media can create for your business if you use it correctly. In this news wrap-up, we look at tips, trends and great ideas. And we’ll look at the benefits of harnessing social media power for your small business…and the costs of not doing so as well.


Leveraging your small business with social media. Here are 80 tips about using the tools of social media to vastly expand the reach of your small business. Everything from understanding the give and take of social media to building a brand is here plus much, much more. We hope you’ll bookmark this link for use in your business. Carol Roth

Preaching to the choir. Todd Mintz is pretty sure there are some people in small business who will never get social media. It’s probably only hurting them, but for those of us who will be doing business with them it’s probably best to be realistic. Don’t expect them to change and hang on to your business cards. Search Engine People

Are you doing social media wrong? Are you obsessed over the number of followers you possess or the number of retweets you’ve gotten today. Or are you becoming so overwhelmed you’re thinking about dumping the whole thing entirely? Before you do, read Sarah Lacy’s piece and find out which camp you belong to and who it is that’s ruining the party. TechCrunch


Social media is a value to small business. But knowing what to expect is also critical. A social media marketing expert calls out some of the so-called gurus with their vague claims and questionable metrics in this humorous post. The trouble is, as mentioned in the previous post, worrying about metrics may be the wrong way to look at social media in the first place. Alex Blom

10 best social media campaigns. When you think of social media, you might be considering the number of Tweets or the number of friends you have on Facebook or any number of other measurements you might choose to make of the success of your social media campaign. But, as we’re reminded in the post above, there are numerous examples of highly effective social media campaigns that left no question of their effectiveness.

How to measure social media. Like the rest of social media can be of great value to your small business in many ways if you know what you hope to accomplish with it. But simply creating a blog and judging its success based on the amount of traffic or some other arbitrary means is like judging Twitter success by number of retweets and Facebook by the number of friends. Success with social media means an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and having a means to measure the results based on the goals set. The post above is a good place to start. Convince & Convert

Target Audience

Please keep your voice down. Are you the Billy Mays of social media? You know, the shouting TV pitch man who sold everything from OxiClean to Orange Glo in infomercials with a distinctive high volume style. If so, says Shonali Burke, you may want to tone things down a decibel or two. Social media is a conversation and it isn’t one way. BNET

The social media gender gap. If you plan to use social media to market or network for your small business, be aware of some cold hard facts. Data indicates that while women may constitute less than half of the online audience to date they are more engaged in social networking and social media in general than men. What will this mean when planning your social media strategy? The Defector’s Blog


Grabbing attention isn’t enough. Want to understand the basics of social media marketing for your small business? Start with a clear understanding of the revenue model for your business and how social media can increase your bottom line. Just standing out from the crowd without a clear strategy is not enough to bring success. Marcana

Are you over thinking it? Social media is an extension of you and your business. It’s as simple as that. If you can promote your business everyday by simply doing what you do and talking to the people who are regularly in your life, you can do the same with social media. Hannah DeMilta offers some additional thoughts about how. Switched On Media

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  1. Quality list of links. Measurement is a big key. It’s important to track gauge your market and competitors’ stats, and see how much of the social media market you are occupying for your industry. Knowing where you stand relative to other competitors will give you a baseline that you can compare your progress against, rather than just shooting in the dark (or counting followers/friends)


  2. Great list of resources. I’ll be curious as to how the social media landscape has changed in the next ten years – it’s already pretty fantastic!

  3. Thanks so much for including my post in this excellent list. It’s such a critical topic, as many companies are using “prove it” as the fulcrum for whether they get involved in social media. I have a whole section on social media metrics and how to pick the right one in my new book The Now Revolution. Unfortunately, it’s not out until February. I’m hoping to be able to publish that chapter early, however, via blog post or ebook.

  4. Thank you for including my blog in this list. I am honored.

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