November 25, 2015

Small Business News: Social Media Survival Guide


Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are only a few of the more common tools we think of when we hear the term social media. To grapple with this brand new and important component in the small business world, you will need some advice and resources to make sure you get it right. Talking to your customers should be natural, but learning to use the social media effectively comes with a few basic principles. We’ve come up with what we think is good advice for small businesses as a starting point when putting together your social media survival guide.

Getting Social

Why being social can be a matter of survival. Drawing from a small business social community, this post looks at the ways in which social interaction is an absolute necessity for businesses today. It is especially necessary for small businesses attempting to leverage the power of the Internet to build their brands.

Social media will help your evangelism. This wonderful post about turning your prospects and customers into apostles and evangelists spreading the good news of your product or service certainly doesn’t require the Internet, but it certainly requires a good deal of social networking and of understanding how social groups interact. And while all of this can be done in the face-to-face world, social media sure would make letter D work a whole lot smoother. Michael G. Holmes

Tools & Techniques

Get social with your blog. OK, we know what you’re going to say. Blogs are already social. They allow interaction through comment sections and are a major part of the Web 2.0 interactive world. But these days when we use the phrase “social media,” we’re often talking about the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn universes these days. And that’s exactly what Bryan Wong suggests in the new generation of blog marketing. Earn Money From Home Blog

How can social media help you with your sales? What’s the best use of social media in sales efforts in your business? Well, believe it or not, the best use of social media in your sales campaigns is certainly not to push or even to promote or talk about your products or services. Instead, Daivd Brock suggests the best use for social media in your sales effort is listening. You heard right. Read more. Partners in Excellence

Is your social media message consistent? Sure everything in your business should be consistent and this goes for your social media efforts too. Remember your company message, mantra or motto. It’s important not only that this company message is repeated everywhere on your Web presence but that your social media efforts reflect the same. Joe Knowz

Business Networking

Watch what you say. Jason Keinbaun gives this guide to leaving comments on other people’s blogs but most of the advice in this post and the video that comes with it is also fairly appropriate to any type of social media commenting. Commenting can be a form of both networking and marketing but it’s important to understand how best to comment first when planning your approach. Think commenting appropriately is as simple as hitting a button and leaving your thoughts? Think again. Business Done Now

Are check-in apps and geolocation the next big wave in social media? Check-in app evangelist and social media guru Fred Caballero leads us step by step through what may be the next major evolution in social media marketing as applications from foursquare to Facebook’s own “Places” take business from the digital right back to the face-to-face world of human interaction in a whole new way. Watch especially in the video Fred’s explanation of the “bread crumb” strategy to get this interaction started. Channelship

The Final Frontier

So you think social media doesn’t matter. Well social media is about communications. And how we communicate, specifically our language, may matter a lot more than you think when it comes to branding, especially the branding of a new idea. Just ask Michael Stelzner, founder of the wildly successful Social Media Examiner how important the words we choose can be when positioning a successful online business. David Siteman Garland did and here’s more on the response. The Rise to the Top

Bookmark sites too take a more social path. This post introduces us to the new and improved version of the classic bookmarking site Digg. Such sites have always maintained a decidedly social dimension but new improvements will only increase this. There are even options to link with your profile on other social media sites making this yet another tool small business can use to enhance their branding and marketing online. Ribbunp


Can you see the real me? Social media is NOT just another social media marketing channel. At least not from where Justin McCullough and Shaine Mata sit. These two social media evangelists have started really rethinking the advice they give regularly to clients about positioning themselves in the social media landscape. Instead of worrying about your image, just be yourself. Marcana

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