November 24, 2015

Small Business News: The Entrepreneur Overview


An idea interchangeable with small business in our book is entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur is really the person who gets the venture going in the first place. We believe entrepreneurs are very special people. This post is a look at some key tips for entrepreneurs in any market. We hope it helps you realize your entrepreneurial vision.


Do you have the traits of an entrepreneur? Laura Petrolino has assembled this cool eight point list of the traits many entrepreneurs have in common. Is it necessary for you to possess all of these to be an entrepreneur? Small business owners come in all shapes and sizes and all walks of life but are there qualities that tie them together. 365 Days of Startups

Learn from these entrepreneurs on Twitter. Here are 25 urban entrepreneurs you may wish to follow. Following entrepreneurs on Twitter can be a great way of learning from others on a similar journey who may have more or different experiences than you. Start following some entrepreneurs and see what you can learn from those going through a similar process. Brandmaker News

Are entrepreneurs born of life-changing experience? Can entrepreneurial venture arise from an unfortunate personal setback? Online entrepreneur Ivan Widjaya believes so. In this post, he gives some personal examples, his own and that of a colleague, of how tough personal experiences, in this case negative, can none-the-less, result in a positive outcome through the start of a new business venture. Noobpreneur

Advice & Tips

Does your business have a Facebook fan page? Maybe you should? Here are eight really good reasons a Facebook fan page can help your small business. Of course, the great thing about running your own business is that you may come up with some cool ways to use a Facebook fan page that haven’t been mentioned here. We’d like to hear. Be sure to leave a comment below. MySEMexperts

Turn your ideas into action. The success or failure of any entrepreneurial venture rests with the means to turn business ideas into action. This post includes six important tips for making the transformation. Do you sit and dream of the perfect business idea? Why not turn it into reality. Read more from Martin Zwilling, CEO & Founder of Startup Professionals, Inc. Startup Professionals Musings


How entrepreneurs can build their brand. As an entrepreneur, how do you go about building your brand? Your personal brand can be as important as the brand of your business or businesses. Be aware of the steps that can build a powerful personal brand for both you and your business. Step By Step

How important is your credibility? Fledgling entrepreneur Zack Shapiro reminds us of yet another way to brand yourself and your business. That is through credibility. Understand that your credibility will do more than anything else to drive not only your business but your relationships with others in pursuing it, raising money or doing anything else you must do to move your venture forward. The Startup Student


What’s the biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make? According to one small business consultant, it’s failing to do that marketing research. Do you know the market your business plans to target? If not, you should. Be aware that failure to understand your market can be a crucial failure and put your business at a serious disadvantage. The Solopreneur Life


Ensuring the loyalty of your best employees. As some see signs the job market may be recovering, a very strange fear is creeping into small businesses with which consultant Rick S. Pulito works. The fear that as jobs become less scarce some of their best talent may start moving on. Pulito admits there’s some justification in the concern but insists (in this first of two posts) that the key for entrepreneurs is that they work to engage with their employees fully. Read more above. ideationz


Got a date with an angel. An angel investor, that is. David Siteman Garland interviews David Cohen, co-founder of TechStars, an angel-driven program for Internet and software entrepreneurs that combines powerful mentoring with introductions and presentations to investors. There is also some discussion of the best and worst ways to approach an investor with your idea and of what makes the best tech startups. The Rise To The Top

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