November 30, 2015

Small Business News: The Real Key To Economic Recovery


The real key to economic recovery isn’t in the form of a piece of legislation waiting for passage in Congress or on the President’s desk awaiting signature. In fact, the real key to economic recovery doesn’t lie in the hands of any legislature or government entity on the face of the Earth. The real key to economic recovery lies in the hands of people like you and me. Small business owners and entrepreneurs with the imagination and drive to innovate and change the world. We hope this roundup will inspire you. Our time is now!


$55 billion to help small businesses? The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama is again pushing for a new bill extending more loans to small business and introducing some tax cuts as a way of boosting the economy. But critics say it will add to the national debt thus hurting the economy instead of helping it. What’s the real answer? Entrepreneurs! CNN

Are our small businesses under assault? While the President stresses his administration’s support for small business, critics say current government policies including tax increases and increased regulations definitely aren’t helping small businesses or the economy. They’ve created this video and hope you share it and let your voice be heard. Gateway Pundit

Are we still being shortchanged on federal contracts? The U.S. Small Business Administration says there’s been an increase in the number of federal contracts going to small businesses this year, but they’re still way short of their goals or of giving small businesses their fair share of federal work and, with an ongoing recession and the emphasis on support for SMBs, the criticism is mounting. You’re the Boss


The lean and mean approach. In the absence of available financing, small business owners like Denise D’Amour of Capitol Hill Bikes has made some hard choices and cut back on costs to weather the storm. Way to go, Denise, and a good lesson for other entrepreneurs about self-reliance and the need to make the tough decisions. Political Ticker

Our entrepreneurial light may be fading fast. Though Jeff is talking here about the dangers of replacing a society based on self-reliance and innovation with one based on entitlement in the U.S., the message can be a global one on the dangers of creating a world in which the impulse for entrepreneurship would be extinguished. The Entrepreneurial Mind


10 social media books you’ve got to read. While it’s critical for small business owners to show self-reliance in these changing economic times, there are incredible tools that make it easier to leverage your marketing and other business functions like never before. A critical one of these tools is social media and here are 10 books about it that every small business owner must read to make your company better. Small Business Trends

Social media: What do businesses say? Before you jump on the social media bandwagon, better have a look at this long and informative stream in which business owners and social media advocates of many stripes discuss social media and how helpful it really is to your small business. You’ll hear opinions on both sides. Focus


What’s your pitch? Probably one of the key elements that will set your business apart is the effectiveness of your pitch. What does this mean? When you explain your idea to investors, customers, partners etc. does it grab their interest. If not, refine you’re approach. This step could be key. The Entrepreneurial Mind

Search marketing for small business. (Part 1) If you’re marketing a small business in the digital age, chances are you have a Web presence. And if you’ve taken the time to create a Website or blog you probably would like it to at least be seen by the relevant customers who might conceivably use your product or service. Search engine marketing is an important place to start.

Search marketing for small business. (Part 2) once realizing the importance of search marketing for your small business, you will immediately encounter terms like “SEO” and “PCC,” some of the tools and techniques aimed at improving your companies position online. But which tactics or tools are best and return the best results?

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