November 29, 2015

Small Business News: The Twitter Revolution


Think Twitter is only a fad and not very important in the operation of your small business? PLEASE reconsider. The world’s most popular microblogging platform is a powerful tool for communication and specifically for the use of small business. A way to leverage your business or entrepreneurial ventures in general in an outsized way and on a global scale is truly amazing. A peek at stories and posts with advice on using Twitter for business using Topsy, the search engine powered by Twitter entries yields an amazing resource. Below is but a sample.


How to use Twitter for your small business. Uncertain what this Twitter thing is all about? Don’t worry. This post is an introduction of sorts into the realm of the planet’s most popular microblogging platform…and more importantly how to use it for your small business. Read other entries below for other details and tips. WebTotal

20 Twitter tips. When starting on Twitter, you’ll have some basic questions about how to make this new medium useful for your business or other entrepreneurial ventures. Hopefully this collection of tips specifically targets the concerns of many beginning small business owners on Twitter. TwiTip

Tips & Tools

Don’t make these Twitter mistakes. Mistakes like being too negative or just being boring. There are other helpful insights here about practices to ignore but most importantly don’t make the mistake of using Twitter for mere advertising. Not only is being overly promotional a serious mistake, it is a short sited approach to a platform capable of so much more.

More Twitter tools. There are plenty of additional resources to make your small business marketing and networking even more effective. From HootSuit to TweetDeck and beyond an array of applications can help you manage and use a simple Twitter account in ways it might be hard to imagine. Here are some of the basics. Building Your Business

Case Studies

Twitter and Facebook ROI. Have your doubts about just what Twitter and other social media do, especially for a bricks and mortar business? Some of the value in these mediums often questioned by critics can be actually be seen in the savings a business can save on costs for more traditional advertising. Take this hotel in Adelaide, Australia that reckons it’s saved about $15,000 in marketing costs over the last nine months. The Sydney Morning Herald

Another small business Twitter success story. Another story of a small bricks and mortar business making use of Twitter, this time from an SEO’s perspective. See how Cafe Italia in Victoria outside Melbourne, Australia, has used the Twitter platform to engage customers and hear some suggestions about how your business can do it even better. James Richardson

Advanced Techniques

Seven ways to spy on the other guy. While the title of this post is actually “7 Sneaky Ways to Use Twitter to Spy on Your Competition” there’s really nothing all that sneaky about these suggestions. All use basic tools and techniques based on the transparency inherent in social media so your competitors can learn from you as easily as you can learn from them. KissMetrics

Tracking Twitter with Google Analytics. If you’ve wondered how to track Twitter effectiveness in conversion campaigns and found services like giving you less than the precision you had hoped for, here’s another option. Marketer Adam Henige has found another way using a basic search tool. Here’s his suggestion. Search Marketing Insomniac

Getting Started

Twitter roundups make your site a resource. Of course, Twitter can be thought of as more than simply a marketing or networking tool. Used effectively, it is also an efficient stream of resources often arranged by topic which can be easily collected and displayed (along with appropriate links) on your main Website as a sort of compilation of real time resources. Notice how Ross Kimbarovsky, co-founder of CrowdSpring has combined his Tweets from throughout the week on topics related to his niche in a single blog post as a resource for his readers. CrowdSpring Blog

Business women to follow on Twitter. Perhaps the most important aspect of Twitter is the ability to follow other thought leaders. Follow those in your industry you respect and admire. Learn from them. Network with them. This list of 50 excellent business women to follow (including our own Anita Campbell) is a great place to start. Happy twittering. Online Colleges

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  1. Very informative! I can attest to the impact of twitter. I am an internet marketing consultant for small businesses and I can tell you that just by keeping my followers up to date on new and interesting info via twitter, it has increased the traffic to my website as well as resulted in increased business. Twitter is awesome!

  2. Thanks a lot for this great Twitter resource round-up!

    Twitter is such an important part of my business.

    It just keeps on giving.

    The Franchise King

  3. According to Sherrie A. Madia PhD, author of “The Social Media Survival Guide,” here are 5 Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make and advice to avoid them.

    Mistake #1: Diving in without a strategic plan.
    Don’t start podcasting, blogging, tweeting, friending on Facebook, and posting YouTube videos until you know what your messages are, who will manage them, who your audience is, and how they and you are going to benefit from the content and relationships.

    Mistake #2: Not having a social media policy.
    Your social media policy needs to outline how employees behave in the online universe during and outside of work. It should include education on style preferences and confidentiality. All messaging coming from employees should be aligned with your company’s values and brand.

    Mistake #3: Failing to tailor the plan to your target audience.
    Hone in on sites, tools, and applications your target audience is using. Is your audience out walking in the park most afternoons, without so much as a cell phone? Or are they technology lovers who are never parted with their BlackBerry or iPhone? Research your target market to find out who they are and how to reach them.

    Mistake #4: Producing weak, unfocused, or unhelpful content.
    The same messaging rules that apply to classic public relations and branding apply to social media. Create strong, smart, well-thought-out content that adds value to your customers’ lives. Don’t waste their time with self-serving promo. Give them something they can use — tips, incentives, product information, new ideas, fun, and inspiration.

    Mistake #5: Allowing your social media efforts to stagnate.
    Gone are the days when companies could put up a website that sat on the screen like an electronic business card. Social media is about maintaining a dynamic conversation between you and your customers. Equip your content for the RSS-share-save-post-to revolution so it gets out there in multiple places. Answer blog, Flickr, and podcast posts; respond to tweets; engage “friends.” Remember: Social media, done right, is not a one-off campaign by a handful of staff; it’s a long-term corporate commitment.

  4. Thanks for including our post in your roundup of info on Twitter. It’s an extremely powerful tool for business development if used well; it’s a fun time waster if not. Thanks for helping more businesses land on the success side of the equation!

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