November 25, 2015

Small Business News: BlogWorld Wrap Up


BlogWorld 2010 has come and gone with more than a few new revelations imperative to the small business community. This post will feature as kind of a wrap up of the wrap ups (our own included) with some important ideas added in about where blogging and social media are taking small business and entrepreneurship next.


5 big trends in small business. Our editor-in-chief Anita Campbell uncovers some key trends in her visit to BlogWorld, the planet’s largest social media conference, in LasVegas last weekend. Some trends deal more generally with blogging and social media as they impact culture others more directly impact how they are changing small business and entrepreneurship. Be sure to read Anita’s coverage of the event as the official Small Business Trends account of BlogWorld 2010. Small Business Trends


So what blogging mistakes are you making? One presentation at BlogWorld last weekend suggests mistakes that would surprise you. You may have heard the advice to blog often and include articles with plenty of keywords. Would you be surprised to hear that may not be the best advice after all? So what should small business blogs be striving for in order to bring in the traffic and eventually the revenue? Can you say quality? Speaking of Real Estate


New distribution system will help online branding. Demand Media, creators of and, launched a new distribution network aimed at helping bloggers spread their message to the world even more effectively. The new network is designed to help bloggers syndicate their content through Demand Media’s existing properties and other partners. Learn more at the link to the full story above.


No mobile could mean no customers. Or less of them anyway. In the digital world, you can and should think of visitors consuming your content as customers of your business. After all, once you monetize your traffic via advertising or products, they could be. So what happens if you’re actively doing something everyday that looses you visitors? In one presentation by Mark Stratten of Unmarketing at BlogWorld 2010, we learn what is probably the painful truth about the penalty of ignoring the mobile revolution. WebProNews


The only news is that everything has changed. Tech writer Brad McCarty visited BlogWorld 2010 expecting to find something new to write about…and found nothing…unless, of course, you count the fact that the entire industry has changed. What McCarty, a blogger for a few years now, discovered to his surprise? Monetizing content has become more than an ambition and blogging and social media are poised to become a full-fledged industry. The Next Web


It’s all about the engagement. Who knew marketing in the digital age would be less about data and more about telling stories. Yet, that’s exactly what the guests of the latest BlogWorld convention are suggesting. From Hollywood to whiskey makers and all points in between, marketers have learned that promotion in Web 2.0 is all about getting that audiences attention…and keeping it. CMSWire


7 blueprints for business. In the changing environment of social media these shifts will become increasingly important and will transform every business in their wake. The good news? It’s an unprecedented opportunity for small businesses to grow and expand in a whole new way. Read about this and other developments from day one of BlogWorld 2010 in a recap from Lisa Barone. Outspoken Media

Social Media

Great content and connections. If you wanted to sum up the new media (social media including blogging) in just one phrase, this would probably be it. Without great content and connection with others social media cannot be successful. Perhaps it is no coincidence that with value and connection with customers the chief cornerstones of small business, social media and small business entrepreneurship have become a perfect fit. WebProNews


Has the blog revolution ended? Though not strictly a blog and podcast focused on business Ed Driscoll’s interviews with Hugh Hewitt, author of a book on blogging who made the rather controversial statement that the blog revolution has ended and that blogs have been reabsorbed into social media, and with Rick Calvert, BlogWorld CEO, reveal the siesmic shifts that are impacting the small business world as well. Tune in. Pajamas Media


Did you learn anything at BlogWorld? Deb Ng, conference director for the event billed as the planet’s largest social media expo would sure like to know. We’re sure many people reading this may have also attended the event so share your thoughts in the comment section below or by visiting BlogWorld today. The team is already in the planning stages for BlogWorld 2011 and could really use your feedback. Just as in any small business, social media is about engagement. It’s no different with a major event like BlogWorld. The customer’s input is important. It’s your turn. BlogWorld

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