November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Entrepreneur SEO


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a new reality for all small businesses unless you can find a way to run your small business without the cost effective marketing available through the Internet. SEO is no longer the realm of online geeks or search marketers alone but of every business with something meaningful to market on the Web. Consider this your online crash course in the world of Internet marketing. And learn the basics of creating content that gets your business found online.


A case study of small business SEO. How do you market an online business, or the online presence of a bricks and mortar business for that matter? Small Business Trends CEO, editor and founder and CEO of small business news and social media site Anita Campbell chats at length with SEO guru Aaron Wall about the approach her Website has taken over the years to growing an audience. SEO Book

Get your online business on the map. How do you get your Website noticed with all the other contenders out there? One simple solution is inbound link SEO using everything from Squidoo lenses to article marketing to lead traffic and eventually ranking back to your site, says online marketer Lynne Gabriel. A word of caution though. The quality of links is a major factor and overdoing it may anger the search engine gods. Entrepreneur Chic


Don’t cut corners on your SEO. Cutting costs is epidemic in the current economy with many companies more focused on how they will save money than focused on how they will create more opportunity, generate more revenue and bring in more clients and more customers for the future. Stoney deGeyter has this lament on missed opportunities. Search Engine Guide

Why Search Engine Optimization should pay for itself. No, SEO and search marketing professional Alistair Kay is not offering to work on your Website for free. But small businesses sometimes mistakenly think of Web presence (including the optimization needed to make their Website standout from the rest) as a cost rather than an investment that should bring returns. Getting the right mindset about your SEO will allow you to evaluate and improve your results. SiteStream


Will Google Instant change the search marketing game? The new lightening fast feature now part of the planet’s most popular search engine is, as Micah Hatton writes, will “shave precious seconds off of the online search process” but Google says the way searches are generated and the algorithms and ranking system used to bring those results at lightening speed remains unchanged and great content remains key. The Lunch Pail

20 Percent of searches on Google are now local. This, according to Daisy Whitney, means “we’re searching for things to do, eat, visit etc. when we are out and about and we’re doing that on our mobile phones.” It also means that if the content your small business generates isn’t optimized for mobile devices and doesn’t display well on an iPhone or Android, you may just be missing the boat. ReelSEO


What will a new Yahoo! “accordion” search mean to small business SEO? Greg Sterling has this in depth look at the new Yahoo! search as it rolls out delivering on a merger with Bing. With many more features including images from Flickr and elements from other Yahoo! properties integrated including some commercial features, what opportunities might the new Yahoo! search offer small businesses? Search Engine Land

Is your content optimized for Google TV? It may be the Super Bowl of the Internet and if your content isn’t ready you might be missing out on the equivalent in online marketing exposure. This exhaustive look at what will be necessary to make sure your content is ready for the new format will be a great primer, and maybe a great inspiration, for the content you plan to generate in the immediate future. ReelSEO

Best Practices

A rant on spam SEO. At this late date Jim Rudnick can’t believe there are SEO firms out of touch enough to send the kind of e-mail he recently received recommending a three way link exchange surely to be judged spam by search engines like Google. If you’ve ever got an e-mail like this one proposing the things this e-mail proposes, run the other way. SEO is about getting noticed on the Net, but as Jim points out, this kind of notice from the search engines won’t help your business much. CanuckSEO

Everything you ever wanted to know about SEO but were afraid to ask. This is your chance as Lisa Barone attends the final session of Search Engine Expo East she covers this Q&A with a virtual (sorry, we couldn’t resist) who’s who of SEOs on a wide range of topics. If you want to immerse yourself head first into the world of SEO, this is the post for you. It will answer some questions…and likely pose as many more. Enjoy! Outspoken Media

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