November 24, 2015

Small Business News: Management 101


Is management ability something you’re born with or can it be learned through careful study? Just as there can be many kinds of small business owners and many kinds of managers, so there can be many approaches to the art of managing a small business. Your approach may not be better or worse than a colleague’s or competitor’s, but it must suit your business and personality. Perhaps the most important aspect of learning small business management is to immerse yourself in the issues that concern small business. We’ve assembled a small collection we hope will help. Enjoy!


Tips for managing complex projects with examples. Here, from business advisor Donald Metznik, are five tips to get you started in confronting a complex and intimidating project, as well as some great examples to get you through to the other side. Thanks, Donald! Business Owner Blog

Managing your way into year two of a startup. Small business management can in some ways be seen as an adventure in survival. Here are five really cool ways to make sure your small startup lasts beyond its first year of life. (There’s also a really cool video by Simon Sinek so enjoy.) Insert Coffee to Startup


Questions answered for small business. While it’s unlikely to change the minds of skeptical small business owners about the overall impact of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, Scott Roen, Vice President of American Express Open Forum sits in for this question and answer session with SBA Deputy Administrator Marie Johns. Listen for your opportunity to submit more small business questions via Open Forum in the future. White House


What kind of financial team does your small business team need? It’s important when considering your small business management whether it might be prudent to bring in experts in any part of your operation. And this could include the area of financial management. So how do you know when you need an accountant or CFO? And how do you get the right person for the job?

Human Resources

Some thoughts on the perfect storm. Needing to fire an employee, especially due to downsizing, is a reality every business may need to face. But how you handle employees that must be let go is critically important, especially in the age of social media. As blogger Ivan Widjaya reminds us, the same tools that allow leveraging of markets never before reachable make us vulnerable to those dissatisfied with our business or who feel mistreated.

Why money isn’t always the answer. This look at “lean performance reviews” suggests that there may be all kinds of ways to reward top performers. And small to medium sized businesses may be in an even better position to exploit this fact than larger companies. Read the whole post with links to more data above. Winning Workplaces


The messages you send as a small business owner may go beyond the ordinary. We worry plenty about many modes of communication concerning our small businesses these days. From social media to the way we manage employees to the way we design products, market them and deal with customer service, it all can impact our brand. But when is the last time you thought about the message your tie is sending? Tweak Your Biz

Lessons on how NOT to multitask. Yes, it’s all the rage these days. The idea of multitasking, of doing or concentrating on more than one critical function or task at a time. It’s considered a really necessary skill for small business owners who must wear many hats. But, according to Zack Shapiro, it’s important not to try to wear more than one of those hats at a time. Epic Launch

Customer Service

How to handle the time hogging client. Whether it’s your fault or not, customers or clients dissatisfied with the service your company offers can take up a great deal of your time complaining about the job you do for them while at the same time demanding more and more and more of your time to satisfy their expectations. If you let them, these customers can steal valuable time that will negatively impact your business while still never really satisfying their expectations. Above are some thoughts about correcting the situation. My Project Tracker


The digital equivalent of a string on your finger. You may recall the stories of busy people who tie strings to their fingers in order to avoid forgetting something critical. But what if you had a digital equivalent that helped avoid the social awkwardness of shaking someone’s hand on a particularly busy day. This product review of Remember the Milk, the digital equivalent of a to-do list but better may keep you from ever forgetting or procrastinating on an important project again. Pixld

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