November 29, 2015

Small Business News: Social Media Best Practices


How can you get more attention with your blog posts while showing the proper respect for the blog owner and his/her audience? How do you create an unforgettable social media experience with tools like Facebook that will really make a difference for your business’s bottom line? What strategies should you use, what design and tool resources can you employee to ensure your brand rises above the rest and what goals do you/should you have when approaching social media in the first place. We’ve got some answers drawn from across the Web that should build on knowledge and encourage discussion. Social media best practices for your small business are here.

Blog Commenting

The basics of blog commenting. Ryan Biddulph has these suggestions about leaving a comment on your favorite blog. Say hello. Think about what you say and say something meaningful. Don’t rush out of a conversation. Sign your name. Check out the rest of Biddulph’s helpful suggestions above. RB’s Keys To Successful Living

Making your comments sticky. You may not normally think of blog comments as a form of social media marketing. Blog commenting can still be one of the best ways to draw attention to your content and online presence. It can also be an effective form of content marketing. Here are seven tips to get you started on blog comments guaranteed to draw attention to your content even on the busiest blog.  Traffic Generation Cafe

Social Media Branding

Facebook fan page as your own branded Website. When you think of the Facebook fan page for your company or organization, you may not immediately think of a branded Website. But 6 in fact that’s what you can create for your business in this popular social media space with a dash of creativity and just a bit of preparation. Here are some simple suggestions that will brand your social media space. Tweak Your Biz

Making the time for social media. You’re far too busy. You have other things to do. You don’t know how to outsource it and on and on and on. If you don’t see the value in social media you’ll come up with a million reasons why you can’t make it work for your business. But like falling in love, says David Garland, it all comes down to a change of heart. Make a commitment to brand building with social media, Garland promises, and you will see the value. Small Business Trends

Networking & Marketing

Networking and marketing basics. From blogs to Twitter to specialty small business social media news and social media sites like Small Business Trends’ own, all can be used to network and market you small business, says Small Business Trends editor and BizSugar CEO Anita Campbell in this interview with small business expert and advocate Donna Maria. Listen to the full podcast for more tips on how social media is becoming an indispensable tool for small businesses everywhere. Indie Business

Checking out of social media. So you’ve given it a try and decided this whole social media thing is not for you. But what happens to the engagement with people who are already a part of your community? The fact is that as much good as social media can do you, pulling out of the environment without regard for the community left behind can also have pretty severe repercussions. Channelship

Nuts and Bolts

Creating success with your social media. Social media may be a complex new field for small businesses to explore, but the basics of success are not difficult to understand and many of the basic ideas of success aren’t so different then things small business owners have been doing to network and market their businesses from the beginning. No deep dark secrets here. Just the basics of good marketing at work. Tweak Your Biz

40 game changing Facebook fan pages. If your business has a Facebook fan page, good for you. It can be a whole new way of drawing attention to your small business Website. But with the right tools, these 40 Facebook fan pages crank it up another notch adding interactive design to the mix for an unforgettable community experience that sets them apart. speckyboy

Book Shelf

Taking your friending to the next level. Are you getting all you can out of social media tools? Do you want more, a comprehensive strategy for enhancing your approach to social media marketing? Pierre DeBois reviews Amber Mac’s Power Friending: Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business and tells you whether the strategies inside will help improve your game. Small Business Trends

Final Analysis

Beware the snake-oil salesman. Like anything else you do for your business, social media is a tool and you should have a goal in mind about what you plan to accomplish with it. Interactive marketer Richard Meyer insists there are far too many small and large businesses alike who get involved in social media simply because it’s the latest thing and too many gurus only too happy to take their money without producing results. Know what you want from a social media campaign. Rich’s Marketing Blog

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