November 27, 2015

Small Business News: Social Media Secrets


Pssst. We’ve got something important to tell you about a new tool that can totally transform your business. In terms of upfront investment, there is no cost, except the time needed to use it. You can target a specific audience or the entire world depending on who you’re aiming at and connect with customers, partners, suppliers and any other resource your small business needs to grow and that’s not all. You can listen, too, to what supporters, detractors, even competitors are saying about your product, service or brand and you can interact with customers like never before finding out what they really think…and why. You can do all this and more. Still not interested? Did we mention it’s free?


33 tips and lessons about social media. The next best thing to attending a social media event is to have someone taking notes. In this case, social media consultant Jay Baer was good enough to post these taken by himself and others as a good beginning crash course on social media, what it is and what it does. Convince & Convert

Love it or leave it! 25 reasons why the first choice is best. Though this list goes far outside the parameters of traditional marketing or small business use, it should give you some intel about what’s going on out there. There are many ways your customers or prospects may already be using social media today. How can you use it to connect with them? Bit Rebels


The new social media rules. Though David Siteman Garland doesn’t directly mention platforms like Twitter and Facebook (Though he’s certainly on FB enough!), this post about the spirit of new selling in the digital space is a great introduction to the spirit of social media and how it has changed the sales process forever. The Rise to the Top

Prospecting for customers with social media. Just because the essence of the new social media approach is essentially passive, does NOT mean you need to sit around waiting for content or networking to bring customers to your door. Here’s a new way to look at the traditional sales cycle with a twist. In this case, you’ll be using social media to do the heavy lifting. The Solopreneur Life


Online store meets social media. Here is a very detailed look at something that should be, but perhaps isn’t obvious to every FB user out there. The world’s largest social media site isn’t just a marketing opportunity for your business. It could be part of your online store or eCommerce solution as well. Think selling stuff via social media is against the very nature of the medium. Suspend your skepticism and read this post. Social Media Examiner


Is your social media campaign worth the effort? Yes, social media tools are free, but using them effectively means either spending time on social media yourself (potentially detracting from other aspects of your business that also demand your attention) or paying someone to manage it for you. Either way, you’ll want to be sure that, like every other business investment, social media is paying off. Where do you begin? smedio


What social media really means. Not to get too heavy here, but before you take all you’ve read and head out to social Facebook or Twitter like crazy about your business, step back a moment and think. In a recent post, Lisa Barone echoes a question you’ll hear simultaneously with conversations about the importance of social media. Be careful in all the marketing not to loose the true conversation…and the meaning. That’s what your business should be about as well. Outspoken Media

Invasion of the product pushers. Just as small business owners are more often motivated by passion than profit alone, so the very difference in social media has to do with a new kind of marketing, the marketing of ideas dedicated to solving problems and making change. But when this approach to social media gives way to the same old product pushing, the tool of social media itself is weakened…and so, perhaps is its use to the entrepreneur. Harvard Business Review

Case Study

It’s about the long haul. A look at recent Toronto politics (and a now famous U.S. Presidential election) has loads to say about the dynamics of social media for your business. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and others besides, can be a major game changer for the underdog. But only if they’re used consistently. How are you approaching your social media presence online? Is it a series of quick blips or a real community? Whether you are trying to win sales or a municipal or national election, don’t forget the basics. Social media is “social” and nothing else will do. The Globe and Mail


Engaging our own social media community. By now, many fans and followers of Small Business Trends are no doubt aware of our small business social media site BizSugar has been a huge resource for the small business community at large as a way of providing both exposure and great news and information for small business thought leaders. We hope you will help us spread the word about by nominating and voting for the community in the Fourth Annual Mashable Awards. See details in the link above. BizSugar Blog

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